Traditional Sofreh Aghd And Wedding Ceremony


Traditional Iranian wedding ceremony in Club Arma Antalya

Dear Pegah and Lincoln came from the US and wanted to have a wedding in Antalya.

We listened to them for a long time, we corresponded for months, they came from the US, and we planned every minute of the wedding meticulously.

Dear Pegah and Lincoln, they were very excited. Like everyone else, they wanted a perfect wedding. As a wedding planner in Antalya, they trusted us and chose us...

My daughters and my team have worked incredibly hard to make them live beyond their dreams. We have prepared new wedding decorations for them. Pegah was very excited and stressed, she was very worn out because she had thought of everything in detail.

We had to give her a very special happy ending. On 02-06-2023, we organized a magnificent farewell party on Antalya's most beautiful ship named Harem Maldiv. Everything was perfect.

On 03-06-2023, we prepared the Sofreh Aghd and wedding ceremony like a dream in the Club Arma restaurant, the most magnificent venue of Antalya.

They had a very happy special wedding night with their guests. The happiness and gratitude of them and their guests made us very happy.

Good to know you Pegah & Lincoln.

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