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Our company, the planner of international weddings in Antalya Turkey, invites you to visit Antalya, which has been rightfully called Paradise on Earth for more than 2000 years

If there is a Paradise on Earth, then this is.... Antalya!
Since ancient times, people have been looking for the best place on Earth to call it an earthly Paradise. Kings and monarchs sent their troops in search of exotically beautiful lands, philosophers and thinkers invented myths and legends about Paradise on Earth. Travelers searched in vain for a land that is ideal for human habitation, not too cold, not arid, without elements and cataclysms.And 2000 years ago, the king of Pergamum Attalus II commanded his army: "Go and find such lands that all the kings and monarchs of the world will envy me! The Place that no other place on Earth could compare to. Go and find Paradise on Earth

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Long wandered travelers on earth, no place did not fit the description of "Paradise on Earth", no city did not differ and did not attract special attention until.... Until one day, going down the slopes of the Tauride mountains, they saw an amazing view of a beautiful valley filled with the aromas of oranges, shrouded in the gentle haze of dawn. The plain as a hidden pearl among the majestic Taurus mountains surprised travelers with an abundance of fruit trees and flowers, the waves of the Mediterranean sea gently washed it with white foam, it seemed that birds and animals live here in complete harmony.Returning to the king, they announced to him: "Your order is fulfilled, our venerable king! We found lands that can't be described with a pen or a word. We found Paradise on EarthKing Attalus loved these lands so much that they began to be called Attalia after Him. Later, the name of the city became Antalya.

Today, Antalya can be called a center of world tourism. Every year it is visited by up to 12 million tourists from all over the world. Everyone wants to see this fabulous city with their own eyes, where a rich culture and history are harmoniously intertwined with an unprecedented natural beauty, where the past and future coexist side by side. Every year, Antalya breaks records for the number of tourists. On June 8, 2019, another peak was broken — on this day, the number of tourists who arrived was 85 thousand 205 people!

All types of tourismin Antalyaare flourishing. The coast of Antalya with a coastline of 640 kilometers is littered with a huge number of luxury hotels, which are filled all year round. Here you can find a vacation to your liking, a quiet holiday by the sea on a sun lounger or an adventurous trip to the mountains and diving. For lovers of historical tourism, Antalya offers a lot of unknown and interesting things, medical and health tourism are also one of the popular destinations. These hotels on the coast have amazing natural beauty, pine forests, exotic plants, and flowers. The hotels working on the system "All-inclusive" offer delicious dishes of Ottoman and international cuisine.

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In recent years, wedding tourism to Antalya has become one of the most popular types of tourism. It is not surprising. All newlyweds dream of a wedding in Paradise, a wedding that would not be like any other. Wedding in Antalya on the background of the blue sea under the gentle rays of the Anatolian sun, with glasses of sparkling champagne surrounded by family and friends — this is the dream of any couple! Antalya's weather is mild and predictable; it does not conceal any surprises, which is a necessary condition for a beautiful wedding. 300 Sunny days a year is a feature of the Anatolian climate.

Young couples from Europe, Iran, India, the Persian Gulf, Russia and the CIS countries are increasingly choosing weddings in Antalya. Every couple is attracted by something different, young couples from the UK prefer a wedding in Antalya, as they are attracted by the beautiful weather conditions of this region, the high level of service, the wedding in Antalya is much more economical than in Europe, as well as the cordiality and hospitality. Couples from Arab countries and Africa love weddings in Antalya because of the excellent cuisine that meets all the high world requirements of Haute cuisine and Islamic requirements, as well as the excellent weather data, excellent tourism infrastructure. Russians and citizens of the CIS countries have long chosen Antalya as a place for family holidays, and therefore a wedding in Antalya is also considered one of the most popular.

Wedding in Turkey is a unique opportunity to combine vacation, wedding, tours, excursions, health-improving rest, cultural tourism, shopping and much more. Weddings in Antalyaare devoid of the pre-wedding stress for newlyweds, which is present at ordinary weddings. International wedding planners take care of all the worries and troubles. And all the best is left for the newlyweds: joy, happiness, and smiles of satisfied, tanned guests. They will remember for a long time with their loved ones their wedding, held in this Paradise corner of the Earth.

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