Mica and Ross English Wedding in Turkey

Wedding Organization in Turkey Antalya

Mica and Ross Civil Wedding Antalya turkey


Wedding Of Ekaterina & Mohamed


The official marriage of Ekaterina & Mohamed

Nicola & David Weddings In Turkey

Weddings in Turkey

Nicola & David – Weddings in Turkey Weddings in Turkey is always different

Madleen & Musa Beach Wedding In Turkey

beach german wedding in antalya

Madleen Musa beach wedding in Turkey Beach wedding in Turkey

Igor & Mariya Ukranian Wedding In Turkey

wedding in Old Town Antalya

Igor & Mariya Ukranian Wedding in Turkey Antalya Ukranian Wedding ...

Anita & Sinan's Wedding in Antalya


Anita & Sinan Marriage ceremony in Antalya


Bahareh & Andreas Wedding in Antalya

iranian weddings in antalya turkey

Bahareh & Andreas Iranian and German Seaside Wedding in Antalya


Davut And Katya German Wedding

German wedding in Antalya

We met with dear Davut and Katya via the internet. Davut is Turk but has German citizenship, ...


Tatyana and Vladimir Kazakh Wedding

Kazakh Wedding in antalya

Our partner Ms. Alexandra introduced us a couple, Tatyana and Vladimir


Anna & Stephen Wedding Ceremony In Turkey

scottish wedding in antalya

Anna & Stephen’s wedding ceremony in Antalya Turkey was held by a professional

Katerina And Michael Scottish Wedding

Scottish wedding in Turkey Antalya

We met Katerina in October 2016 when she sent us a request for a wedding.

Rendala And Tamim Lebanese Wedding

lebanese wedding planner in antalya

We met Rendala in November 2016 when she sent us a request for a wedding


Sonja And Stephen German Wedding

German Wedding planner in Antalya

We met Sonia and Stephen in Antalya before the wedding. They came to choose a hotel

Diana And Adel Wedding In Turkey Antalya

Wedding in Turkey Antalya

Diana & Adel Wedding in Turkey Antalya Diana & Adel who married on the

Eirin And Trond Wedding In Turkey Alanya

beach wedding ceremony in antalya

Eirin & Trond Wedding in Alanya-Turkey Their little son and doughter

Galina And Andriy Wedding In Turkey

best wedding beach planner in antalya

Galina & Andriy Beach Wedding in Turkey Galina & Andriy who celebrated their

Kathrine And Anders Wedding In Turkey

Norwegian couple getting married in Turkey

I would like to share my thoughts about Kathrine & Anders Wedding in

Tatiana And Paul Wedding In Turkey Antalya

British couple get married in Turkey

Tatiana Paul Wedding in Turkey-Antalya Tatiana the bride born in Russia

Marina And Daniyar Wedding In Turkey

Wedding Ceremony in Turkey

Marina & Daniyar Wedding in Antalya Turkey by our company Wedding City Antalya

Yelena & William Wedding In Turkey Apollon Temple

wedding venues in Turkey

Yelena & William Wedding in Turkey– Apollon Temple. Yelena & William came to

Nazanin & Reza Persian Wedding In Turkey

Iranian Wedding in antalya

Nazanin & Reza Persian Weddings in Turkey-Antalya Nazanin & Reza came to

Taj & Alexander Norway Wedding In Turkey

Norway Wedding in Turkey

Taj & Alexander Norway Wedding in Turkey -Antalya. Dear Taj & Alexander

Svetlana & Valeriy Wedding In Turkey

kazakh traditional Wedding in Turkey

Svetlana Valeriy Wedding in Turkey-Antalya Sveylana & Valeriy from Kazakhstan

Kellie & Thomas British Wedding Ceremony

formal wedding in Turkey

Kellie & Thomas British Wedding Ceremony in Turkey-Antalya Kellie & Thomas

Laurainne & Kevin British Wedding In Turkey

British Wedding in antalya

Laurainne & Kevin British Wedding in Turkey Dear Laurainne & Kevin reached

Wedding In Turkey Of Nicola & Scott

british wedding planner in turkey

Wedding in Turkey of Nicola & Scott We have received Nicola’s wedding request

Tracy & Richard Civil Marriage In Antalya

special civil marriage ceremony in antalya

Tracy & Richard Civil Marriage in Turkey – Antalya Dear Tracy & Richard

Sarah & David Civil Marriage In Antalya

wedding in Luxe Hotel

Sarah & David civil marriage in Turkey-Antalya We met with Sarah & David

Gaby And Houssain Beach Wedding In Turkey

perfect beach wedding in antalya

Gaby and Houssain beach wedding in Turkey organized by Wedding City Antalya

Zainab & Abbas Indian Wedding In Turkey

indian wedding in antalya

Zainab & Abbas Indian Wedding in Turkey Zainab & Abbas Ali contacted

Niusha & Saman Persian Wedding Sofreh Aghd

Sofreh Aghd Ceremony in antalya

Niusha & Saman Persian Wedding with Sofreh Aghd Ceremony inTurkey

Nadin & Marco’s Wedding Planner In Turkey Antalya

wedding planner in antalya

Nadin & Marco’s Wedding Planner in Turkey – Antalya As an International

Carrie & Kris Wedding Planners In Turkey Antalya

Official marriage ceremony in antalya

Carrie & Kris's Wedding Planner in Antalya Turkey

Special Weddings In Antalya

Our Dream Weddings In Turkey Antalya

We know that guests with different cultures coming from all over the world to Antalya select Turkey-Antalya for its nature, Mediterranean Climate and Turkish hospitality.

We appreciate them for choosing Antalya and our company Wedding City Antalya. For us wedding means new friends and new adventures. Every new wedding order gives me and my team unbelievable excitement. I think there is no receipt for explaining this feeling.

We also writing emails to Bride and Groom, send them sound messages and live their excitement like ours. So we started sending inquires to our partners like we make wedding for yourselves. Maybe secret of our success is that we can feel need of bride and groom like ours. After stress and excite time of correspondence finally comes that great day. Everybody has unbelievable excitement. Happy end for every wedding we made together.

We prepared special section where wrote our feelings and made them alive forever, and appreciated to brides and grooms for living these nice feelings. We apologized to couples which stories we didn’t write cause of time. We wish to all couples happy and healthy life with their families and dears.

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