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Our Weddings in Antalya Turkey Your Dream Weddings in Turkey Antalya We know that guests with different cultures coming from all over the world to Antalya select Turkey-Antalya for its nature, Mediterranean Climate and Turkish hospitality.

We appreciate them for choosing Antalya and our company Wedding City Antalya. For us wedding means new friends and new adventures. Every new wedding order gives me and my team unbelievable excitement. I think there is no receipt for explaining this feeling.

We also writing emails to Bride and Groom, send them sound messages and live their excitement like ours. So we started sending inquires to our partners like we make wedding for yourselves. Maybe secret of our success is that we can feel need of bride and groom like ours. After stress and excite time of correspondence finally comes that great day. Everybody has unbelievable excitement. Happy end for every wedding we made together.

We prepared special section where wrote our feelings and made them alive forever, and appreciated to brides and grooms for living these nice feelings. We apologized to couples which stories we didn’t write cause of time. We wish to all couples happy and healthy life with their families and dears.

special images

Romantic Wedding Ceremony in Antalya Side

International Wedding Planner in Antalya, Türkiye

Ebru and Richard reached us from Switzerland by email to organize their wedding in Antalya.

Religious Wedding And Wedding Ceremony By The Sea In Antalya

We Can Offer You Special Wedding Venues in Antalya Turkey

We met dear Jadin and Antony in early 2022. They contacted us by filling out the wedding order form on our website.

Traditional Lüx Söfreh and Persian Wedding Ceremonies in Antalya

Söfred Aghd and Persian Wedding Ceremonies in Antalya Turkey

Traditional Iranian wedding of Pegah and Lincoln in Antalya

English wedding of Chantel and Ryan in Antalya

English wedding of Chantel and Ryan in Antalya

We met Chantel and Ryan in June 2022. Our friendship started with Chantel and Ryan, who reached us by filling out the request form on our company website.

Traditional Qatar Weddings in Antalya

Luxury Middle Eastern Weddings in Turkey

Dear Mirvat has contacted us about her nephew’s wedding.

Civil Wedding of Deborah & Colin

Wedding Ceremony of Deborah and Colin at Antalya Seaside

Deborah and Colin who live in England, have decided to crown their relationship in Antalya with an official marriage.

Wedding of Christopher and Ekaterina

Civil Wedding at Historical Kaleiçi in Antalya

We met with Christopher on 16.08.2021 via an email he sent us from Canada.

Mica & Ross British Wedding Turkey

Luxury British Wedding in Turkey - Wedding Planner in Antalya

We as a Wedding Planner in Antalya have organised a luxury British wedding in Turkey at one of the best wedding

Wedding Ceremony of Paula & Scott

Wedding Ceremony at the Hotel Pier in Kemer, Antalya

The civil wedding done during sunset at the pier of Limak Limra Hotel, at the entrance of Kemer, Antalya, was the most fun civil wedding of 2022.

Wedding Ceremony of Jo-Anne & Simon

International Luxury Wedding Planner in Antalya

Weddings done on Gloria Serenity Hotel’s beach have a special privilege.

Rustic Wedding of Tatjana & Murat

Rustic Weddings Organizer in Turkey

Dear Murat wanted to choose Antalya for a dream-like wedding.

Wedding Ceremony of Leanne & Danny at Ancient City

Wedding Ceremony of Leanne & Danny at Ancient City

It is a big privilege to get married in the ancient city of Side in Antalya.