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The wedding is one of the most special days of the wedding couples and relatives. Our Company ‘’Wedding City Antalya’’ provides the best service for wedding groups by combining the culture of each couple anywhere in the world with our culture ‘’hospitality’’ since we attach importance to the wedding will be held in Turkey.

Wedding in Turkey

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Our Professional managers, young and dynamic team will inform you and also will guide you. Most suitable wedding package will be prepared for you and the most economical price will be provided you within 24 hours. Our company has wide knowledge & experience to organize the Civil Marriage of every citizen in the world since 2009.

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Our Professional team will finish legal paperwork for civil marriage within half a day with kind support & help of officially authorized to make your wedding day perfect.

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Choose Wedding Organizer For Wedding With No Stress

Guidelines For Marriage Preparation

Marriage is the basis of modern family life. To perform the whole traditional wedding process need to trace all stages of marriage. The first thing which comes to our mind when we hear the word “a marriage” is a wedding ceremony. But there are other stages of marriage and pre-wedding stages too. The wedding is a celebration of love for two people. It can look very easy and natural, but there is no wedding ceremony without all these certain stages.

Guide For Preparation Before Wedding

How to Avoid Stress In Pre-Wedding Preparation

You made your choice and have found your soul mate already. And what you shall to do now? Do you need some experienced wedding organizer? We, Wedding City Antalya as a company with great experience of wedding organization, offer to look into the “Wedding Preparations list” which we have made especially for brides. It can help you to avoid extra stress and save time before the wedding.

Reservation for wedding in turkey

Civil Marriage in Turkey

Civil Marriage in Turkey :
Our company Wedding City Antalya has the knowledge and experience to organize the civil marriage for every citizens of the world .
The given marriage certificate in turkey , is internationally recognized and multilingual .
For the satisfaction of the couples and their guests , the civil marriage can be conducted by the Registrar at the desired wedding venue .

Civil Marriage in antalya

St.Nicolas In Antalya

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