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Indian Weddings in Turkey are now one of the most popular destination weddings. Our Wedding Planner company is the pioneer company who has strong connections with the best local Indian Wedding Planner for years. Most of our partner Indian Wedding Planners promote Turkey and Antalya as a wedding destination. Mehndi, Sangeet, Baraat and Varmala ceremonies will be planner by a professional wedding planner in Turkey.

Wedding City Antalya is the luxury wedding planners of choice for those seeking authentic and unique celebrations. We also have built a global reputation for traditional Indian weddings with themes and best enjoyable city tour program. Our Company Wedding City is hosting couples from all around the world in Antalya and Istanbul, with different cultures and traditions. Our company is known with projects for traditional Indian weddings. Our most important target is always making guests happy by successful and Professional decor design of traditional indian weddings. we always try to make a memorable time for couples and our guests by our beautifully decorating ideas.
Indian Wedding Planner in AntalyaYour wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. If your dream is a glamorous, unforgettable and romantic wedding. please...

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Wedding City Antalya will organize your dream Indian wedding here in Paradise of Turkey! Many Indian immigrated to different countries all around the world specially to England so Turkey would be a bridge between East and West. We would like to host your guests with Turkish culture and hospitality. Whether, of the United States, Canada, Europe, UK or Asia, discover Antalya, with its endless beaches, excellent weather conditions, major 5 Star Hotels and breathtaking historical sites. Wedding City Antalya will help you to Celebrate with your family and loved ones here in Turkey.

Antalya is a popular stopover destination and a great addition to any multicentre holiday.for Indian citizens, our weddings team are here to help plan your day and ensure everything runs smoothly for exciting “all in one” Weddings. When you are relaxing, spending intimate time with the family, enjoying the sun and beaches, we will create the flexible and well designed package which fulfill each couple's individual requirements. Say “YES” to each other, where 11 civilizations have lived before! Antalya is the new Trend City of the Wedding Destinations. We, as Wedding City Antalya Team will assist you with great pleasure!
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special welcome by ottoman Traditional Militry band

The Mehndi ceremony will be held in one of 5 star World Brand Hotels around the Mediterranean coast of Antalya, an amazing nature view and the beautiful decorated rooms and elegant terraces will fascinate you...

in the magnificent ballrooms of our major hotels, Traditional Indian Wedding, Indian colors, beautiful wedding decoration materials and unforgettable amusement are waiting for you.

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a memorable Sangeet night, in the huge garden area of the hotel, under the starry sky and accompanied by the sound of the waves.HALDI CEREMONY in Antalya


The sun at the Mediterranean coast will shine only for you! It will provide an incredible energy during your Marriage blessing Ceremony, And you will solve unexpectedly the node on the bride's wrist with one hand. We ensure that these special moments will be unforgettable memories for you and your guests.HALDI CEREMONY


the Dholak drums play for you on your special day and everyone will celebrate and dance for you!

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traditional indian wedding in antalya


We want that the "World turns around You", during the marriage blessing ceremony! Let us join the special moment, when you put on the GARLAND necklace around each other's neck.indian luxury wedding planner in Antalya

indian weddings in turkey

Indian Varmala Ceremony in Antalya

indian luxury wedding in Antalyaindian weddings

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Traditional İndian Weddings in Antalya

Indian Baraat Ceremony in Antalya

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