European Weddings

European weddings in Turkey now are the most popular wedding choices. Beach wedding in Turkey - Antalya is World-known and most preferred by wedding couples from Europe. Especially official wedding ceremonies are preferred by couples as an official marriage certificate given in Turkey is recognized and accepted all around the world. Also, special wedding packages with wedding decorations are prepared at the best wedding venues for European Weddings in Turkey Antalya.

European Wedding Planner in Antalya

Europe and Scandinavian countries' weddings are always foregrounded with basic demands. Decorations for wedding dinner and ceremonies on Beach for these group always be loved by Europe and Scandinavian wedding group. And their praises on social media about our company made us set our success targets higher.

It only takes half-day to make applications of couples from Europe and Scandinavian countries who would like to marry in Antalya Turkey by our company.

European Wedding Planner in Turkey
All couples whole around the world who comes to marry in Antalya, their civil Marriage with legalities setting by Marriage officers at wedding venues where they demand. ( at Hotel’s Beach, Venues At Hotels, at Hotel’s Restaurant, at Cable Car, at Plane and at Yacht)

In tourism, This service is given by our government as a special service for couples who will gonna marry in turkey. Certificate of Marriages is written in multi-language and formal documents which acceptable whole around the world. Now Antalya is a world brand city which has proved itself with the success of Marriage Tourism on the world market.

European Wedding Packages