Civil Marriage in Turkey

Civil marriage in Turkey Antalya is really important to the wedding couple who'd like to have their wedding in Antalya Turkey - . Given official marriage certificate is recognised worldwide and our Company Wedding City Antalya as a Wedding Planner in Antalya - Turkey has all necessary knowledge and experiences about the legal requirements and official paperwork for your wedding in Turkey - Antalya. Also, wedding consulting service is free by professional wedding consultants.

Civil Marriage procedures in Turkey are easier and finished in half a business day compared to other countries providing civil marriage. Our company Wedding City Antalya offers the fastest wedding service and wedding packages with the most attractive prices according to your budget.


Civil Marriage in Turkey: Our company Wedding City Antalya has the knowledge and experience to organize the civil marriage for every citizens of the world. The given marriage certificate in turkey, is internationally recognized and multilingual. For the satisfaction of the couples and their guests, the Civil Marriage can be conducted by the Registrar at the desired Wedding Venue.

Services Belong to us in Antalya
We will provide you in writing the legal requirements for marriage you need to prepare in your country. Please send us the above documents obtained from the relevant authorities of your country by e-mail at least 30 days before coming to Turkey, so that we will check them all beforehand. You will need to take the original documents with you and submit them personally.
The couple will be taken to the Marriage Office in Antalya to apply personally for the civil marriage with filling out the document of “PERMISSION TO MARRY/DECLARATION OF MARRIAGE”, Health certificate will be taken. At the day of application our clerk will take the couple from the hotel with a car, assist them with all the paperwork and will bring the couple back to the hotel after all the paperwork is done. The registrar will be brought to the marriage venue. After the civil marriage, the marriage certificate must be apostille by the Office of the Governor in Antalya.

For the finishing of the legal documents in Antalya 2 working days has to be calculated

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There is the mosque for Muslims, the church for Christians, the synagogue for Jews at the Garden of Tolerance in Belek / Antalya. If you bring the required documents from your country, your religious marriage ceremony can be held in the Garden of Tolerance.

Catholic Marriage:
We can organize your religious marriage ceremony at catholic church in Antalya. The priest doesn’t go to the hotel for the religious Marriage Ceremony.

Protestant Marriage:
We can organize your religious marriage ceremony at Protestant Saint Paul church in the historical old town of Antalya, called Kaleici. It is possible to perform the religious ceremony in the hotel or at any other desired location. The Religious Wedding Ceremony by the Priest does not have to be in the church.

Orthodox Marriage:
Although there is an orthodox church in the Old Town of Antalya (Kaleici), unfortunately, a orthodox wedding ceremony is not possible here. This is not approved by the Patriarchy in Istanbul. It is required, that the orthodox marriage is to be conducted at the orthodox church in their home country.
If you want to have a fabulous wedding, organized flawless by our friendly and professional team, than trust us and inform us about your dreams and we will create a memorable and meaningful wedding day for you and your guests, that you will remember forever. Enjoy a sumptuous and perfect wedding with your family and friends.

Your dreamed Wedding can be true through mutual negotiations and correspondence with our specialized team in wedding planning. Together we can create a fairytale wedding.

civil marriage in Turkey

WEDDING SERVICES / Turkey _ Antalya

  1. Altar for marriage
  2. Marriage table
  3. Bride walking path with flowers
  4. Bride walking path with Volcano show
  5. Confetti show
  6. Decoration of wedding & ceremony venues
  7. Fresh flower design
  8. Fresh Bridal bouquet designs
  9. Balloons, Candles, flambeau, torch, wish lanterns, special animation costumes, accessory etc.
  10. Decorated bridal car (Each Model)
  11. Limousine, Yacht, Gulet Yacht, ship services
  12. Marriage and tour programs at historical venues
  13. Wedding ceremony in ancient Mansions of the 17th century
  14. Wedding& Marriage ceremony at the cave of the biggest underwater Aquarium in the world.
  15. Wedding proposal ceremony in underwater Aquarium
  16. Symbolic wedding ceremony at the mountains, where once Zeus & Hera had lived
  17. Pirate wedding at the pirate yacht
  18. Turkish traditional Henna Night event
  19. Traditional Turkish Bridal Bath event
  20. Stag party
  21. Russian wedding organization with animation
  22. Iranian traditional wedding organization
  23. Indian traditional wedding organization
  24. Aerial Photo shooting and video recording by an little helicopter
  25. Marriage proposal while paragliding
  26. Photographer (Wedding Story)
  27. Videographer (Wedding Story)
  28. Orchestra, DJ, acoustic string and wind instruments, international/ traditional
  29. Belly Dancer, Tango & Latin dance group, Turkish national dance, Brazilian dance group, Gipsy dance group, clown etc
  30. A professional make-up artist and a professional hair dresser will come to the Hotel for the Bride
  31. Sound system and Barcovision
  32. Light system
  33. Wedding Speaker
  34. Wedding Consultant (wedding planner)
  35. Fireworks display (sky bombs)
  36. Special menus of Turkish cuisine
  37. Wedding Tent and Decoration
  38. Decoration of Gazebo for Bride and groom
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Civil Marriage In Turkey Civil Marriage In Turkey
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Civil Marriage In Turkey Civil Marriage In Turkey
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