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As an International Wedding Planner in Turkey, we are able to organise your wedding in Turkey Antalya such as a formal wedding, symbolic wedding, beach wedding also traditional Persian, Pakistani & Indian Wedding in Turkey Antalya for your best destination wedding venue.

Your Wedding in Turkey Antalya will be organised by a professional Wedding Planner. We have wide knowledge and experience to organise weddings according to your wishes. Your Wedding Package will be prepared as you wish and according to your budget. Also, wedding consultation will be provided free of charge.
Wedding City Antalya is an established Franchising trademark. And we are working as an International Wedding Planner since 2009.

Our professional young team is consisting of extraordinary people innovator, creator and investigator. Work with 5 stars Hotel at Antalya and around of Antalya which have worldwide knowledge. This team Always wants to be a leader and never accepts to be second.
Wedding city Antalya is become an established international brand with the quality of services and works with franchise system whole around the world. And shares these experiences with sales point partners whole around the world.

International Wedding Organizator in Antalya, Turkey

Our partners, which are at the overseas market like European countries, The United Kingdom, Russia, The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), also especially Iran and India, they gives the service of presenting our wedding packages to the couples for Persian wedding in Turkey with Sofreh Aghd ceremony and Traditional Indian wedding in Turkey, for couples who would like to get married in Turkey Antalya.

Wedding City Antalya as an International Wedding Planner in Turkey Antalya will be honoured to offer you services on your special days with its staff, which have a professional background in wedding organizations and tourism area since 2009. The Wedding Packages that we offer have been prepared with all details for your Dream Wedding in Turkey.

You know that perfection is in the details. Our company policy is our most important goal to be remembered with the most sincere feelings when you have brought back from time to time in the photographs and in your mind these details for years.

Our Company, it is an International Wedding planner. Our company provides you with different wedding ceremonies in Turkey such as a formal wedding in Turkey, a symbolic wedding in Turkey, a beach wedding in Turkey, religious wedding in Turkey etc. If you benefit from desire the services of hotel accommodation, airport transfer, Hotel to airport transfer, all of these services can be dealt out by our tour partners. Antalya is the only tourism city which has the most concept wedding Hotels and Hotels for the holiday. Our partner Hotels serve to the guests with VIP All Inclusive Basis.

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Wedding in Turkey now has become a new trend worldwide. Our partner Hotels, our outdoor facilities, registry Office doing the Civil marriage in Turkey, Culture and Tourism Ministry and Tourism Governor of our City always provide all the opportunities to develop the Antalya for the couples who would like to have Dream Wedding in Turkey.

Couples who would like to marry with love of their life come to Antalya which is the capital of the Wedding when they think about ‘’ Wedding in Turkey ”, Wedding on the Mediterranean Coast, at the Hotel, ceremony at the historical venues, celebration at the cable car, themed wedding in Turkey, ceremony at the yacht, Marriage in Aquarium, wedding ceremony on the plane, traditional wedding in Turkey which are Indian wedding in Turkey and Persian wedding in Turkey with Sofreh AGHD are the Services that we and our 2800 dealers provide with online marketing on website and with wedding advertisings.

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