Wedding Packages in Turkey

0010-A Gloria Wedding Package

0010-A-Gloria-30 Pax-

beach wedding in turkey

Wedding Ceremony on the beach of the Hotel while Sunset

0011 Gloria Golf Wedding Package


Marriage Ceremony at Green Area in turkey

Marriage Ceremony at Gloria Golf Hotel's Green Area

0043 Vintage Wedding Package

0043-Canyon Park-50 Pax

forest wedding

Wouldn’t you like to say “YES” to your love at historical Olympos Mountain surrounded by this breathtaking nature of Kemer- Tekirova where Zeus declares his love to Hera?

0045 Spice Hotel Wedding Package

0045-Spice Hotel - 30 Pax

wedding planner Antalya Turkey beach

Wedding ceremony at the Beach of Spice Hotel while Sunset

0047 Historical Wedding Package

0047 – SeraserRestaurant Unique - 40 PAX

historical wedding in antalya

Between the 18th and 19th century ottoman traders built a mansion on the ruins left from the Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk era. The mansion was restored and modernized in 1995. The interior designer kept the historical structure and flair and combined it with the necessary modern aspects. Wouldn’t you like to start your new life in the Ancient Mansion, which protects the history of hundreds.

of years in Kaleiçi, the old town of Antalya?

0052-A Aquarium Wedding Package

0052-A - Aquarium Wedding Package
wedding planner ceremony under water

Wouldn’t you like to say “YES” to your lover in an atmosphere feeling like on the ground of the deep blue sea while hundreds of coloured fishes are dancing around you in the world’s biggest LOVE Aquarium?

0057 Mountain Wedding Package

0057- Olympos Mountain

marriage wedding on the Olympos Mountain

Have a dream wedding on Olympos Mountain, where once Zeus declared his love to Hera, An amazing view, like you can touch the white blue sky with your hand. The mystical atmosphere of the Olympos mountain, breathing the fresh air of the forest and the sound of the nature will fascinate you The view of the blue waters of the Mediterranean in 2365m height, will take you and your Lover to endless imaginations!

0060-D Sueno Wedding Package

0060-D-Sueno Hotel Belek 30 Pax

wedding city antalya Turkey

Wedding Ceremony on platform at Sueno Golf Club behind lake while sunset

0106 Marina Wedding Package

0106 - Ship Inn Marina Restaurant - 100 pax

international Wedding operator

The noble Restaurant is situated in the most beautiful place of Antalya’s ancient Marina. On the right you have the monumental Taurus Mountains, on the left the historical old town, called Kaleici and not to forget the view in front of you with the blue sky kisses the blue Mediterranean Sea.

In this atmosphere of the Nostalgic Luxury Restaurant in the Yacht Harbour we will create a romantic wedding ceremony that couples cannot forget

0060-RE Regnum Wedding Package

country wedding

Wedding Ceremony at Green Area while sunset

0060-T Titanic Wedding Package

0060-T-Titanik Hotel Belek 30 pax

country wedding turkey

Wedding Ceremony on platform next to river or on green area at Titanic Hotel

0060 Terrace Wedding Package

0060- C&H Oldtown Restaurant-30 Pax

Wedding Decorations in Antalya Turkey

0070-A Club Arma Wedding Package

0070-A-Club Arma Restaurant-50 PAX

wedding after party in beach

wedding in antalya

Enjoy the pristine ancient atmosphere in the restaurant, which is placed at the stunning Old Town harbor.

Experience unforgettable ambience in the restaurant with Taurus mounts on your right, Old Town with its ancient architecture on the left and deep blue Mediterranean in arms of sky in front of you.

0071-AN Lux Yacht Wedding Package

0071-AN- Luxury Yacht Wedding Package 50 PAX

beach wedding in turkey

Wedding Ceremony At Gulet Yacht in Antalya

0060-GR Granada Wedding Package

0060-GR –GRANADA LUXURY Belek Hotel – 30 pax

Marriage on beach in Turkey

Wedding Ceremony at Beach or Green Area while sunset

0105-TB Titanic Wedding Package

0105-TB - Titanic Belek Hotel Wedding Package - 100 pax

Wedding Consultant in Antalya

0097 Luxury Hotel Wedding Package

0097- Gloria Hotel Wedding Package- 50 Pax

wedding ceremony while sunset

Wedding Ceremony on the Pier Next To River While Sunset

0098 Hotel Wedding Package

0098- Regnum Carya Wedding Hotel- 50 Pax

wedding in Turkey

Wedding Ceremony at Hotel’s Green Area while Sunset

0102 Best Hotel Wedding Package

0102- GE- Rixos Sungate- Rixos Premium Belek- Gloria Golf- Sueno Belek- Cornelia Diamond Hotels_ 100 Pax

wedding decoration

Marriage Ceremony at Green Area

0104-TS The Sense Wedding Package

0104-TS –THE SENSE DE LUXE Hotel - 50 pax

The best wedding planner in Antalya

Marrage Ceremony at the hotel’s beach while sunset

0104 – PZ Luxury Wedding Package

0104-PZ– Papillon Zeugma Hotel - 50 Pax

beach wedding antalya

Marriage Ceremony and Welcome Cocktail at the green area while sunset

0105 Civil Marriage Wedding Package

0105 - Crystal Sunrise Queen Hotel - Civil Marriage - 50 PAX

Turkey Wedding Packages

Civil Marriage Ceremony At The Terrace On The Hotel Beach While Sunset

0111-VH-Venezia wedding package


Best Wedding planner in Antalya

Wedding Ceremony on the Hotel’s beach or on the green area by the sea

0111-L Limak Lara Wedding Package

0111- L- Limak Lara Hotel Wedding Package- 50 Pax

Wedding Ceremony at the Beach

Wedding Ceremony at the Beach or Green area of the Hotel while Sunset

0111-SG Beach Wedding Package

0111 - SG – Gold İsland Hotels - Beach Wedding -100 PAX

beach wedding turkey

Wedding Ceremony at the green area of the Hotel while Sunset

0111-S Sueno Wedding Package

0111- S- Sueno Hotels Deluxe Belek 50 Pax

wedding table design

Wedding Ceremony at the Beach or Green area of the Hotel while Sunset

0115-A Romantic Wedding Package

0115- A- Crystal Sunrise Queen Hotel

Wedding Ceremony in the Green Area

Wedding Ceremony in the Green Area of the Terrace While Sunset

0115-L Limak Limra Wedding Package

0115- L- Limak Limra Hotel Kemer Wedding Package

wedding planner in Turkey Antalya

Wedding Ceremony at the Garden of the Hotel

0115-X Rixos Beldibi Wedding Package

0115- X- Rixos Beldibi Hotel Wedding Package

beach wedding in Antalya

Wedding Ceremony at the beach while Sunset