0031-B -Civil Marriage 2 Pax

0031-B -Civil Marriage In Antalya - 2-Pax

civil marriage in Antalya

Marriage Ceremony at the city hall’s official office:

  1. An English speaking member of our Team (wedding consultant)
  2. Transfer of the staff
  3. Wedding City Antalya Team will come to the Hotel at 09.00 and take the wedding couple with an automobile to the government municipality. After the process ends team will take the couple back to the hotel.
  4. In second day, we will take you from hotel to the government municipality for civil marriage. After the marriage ends, we will take you back to the hotel.


You need to send the scan of documents which you prepared in your country by email to us and we will take hardcopy of them to the official office to control them.
You will bring the original documents by yourself. An appointment from the official office will be taken before you arrived to Antalya and will be paid by our company.
The couple will be taken to the Official institution (Municipality) in Antalya to apply personally for the civil marriage with filling out the document of “Declaration of Marriage” Health Certificate and blood test will be taken and will be paid by our company. At the day of application our clerk will take the couple from the hotel with a car, assist them with all the paperwork and will bring the couple back to the hotel after all the paperwork is done.
After the civil marriage, the marriage certificate must be apostilled by the Office of the Governor in Antalya which will be done by our company.
Civil marriage will be held in the official institution with authorized registrar.

After civil marriage ceremony the marriage document will be apostilled by our company.

For the official processes in Antalya 2 working days has to be calculated

civil marriage in Turkey

Screenshot_5formal wedding in munipality in Antalya