001-GR - Granada Hotel - 300 pax

001-GR - Granada Luxury Hotel - 300 pax

Wedding Decoration in Turkey

Evening wedding dinner ceremony in the hotel's Ballroom

  1. The Bridal table will be prepared special. .Ivory coloured lace runners will be laid on it .The top of the table will be decorated with accessories and fresh flowers. 2 large oval live flowers will be prepared in the middle of the table. Special glided glasses will be used.Glass underplates will be placed on the table, the napkins will be decorated with satin ribbons. 3-sized standing glasses will be placed on the table, and they will be decorated with floating rose petals and floating candles. 3-sized glass vases will be decorated with large candles and the top of the table will be decorated with big amount of candles. Various sizes of cylinder glass vases will be placed in front of the table on the ground and large candles will be placed in them.
    Wedding Decoration in Antalya

  2. The Tables of the guests will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon, satin and ivory-coloured lacy runners will be placed on top. A big, square mirror will be placed in the middle of the table. A design will be made using standing glass vases decorated with fresh flowers. Large candles will be placed inside 3-sized glass vases. Glass underplates will be placed under the plates. Napkin rings will be made of satin ribbons. The top of the table will be decorated with candles. Ribbons will be made on the chairs.

  3. A bride walking trail with 6 artificial flower decoration on high metal standsare set up.The initials of Bride’s and Groom’s names will written on a special board and will be placed at the entrance. 2 gold coloured jardinieres decorated with artificial flowers will be set up under the board.
  4. Special champagne glasses will be prepared for bride and groom
    wedding planner company in antalya
  5. Special Wedding Dinner Reception, unlimited local alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks (4 hours)
  6. Special decorated 3layer wedding cake
  7. A bottle of Special Wedding Champagne for Bride &Groom
  8. 10 small volcano fireworks show during the Wedding Cake Ceremony
  9. Sound system, MİXER,4 robot light show from the ground and a professional DJ
  10. Belly Dancers Mezdeke Show (for 30 Min.)
  11. 50 m2 wooden dance stage
  12. Special designed Bridal bouquet with fresh flowers and the groom’s collar flower
  13. A professional Hair dresser will come to the Hotel for the Bride (service for 1,5 hours)
  14. Professional make-up specialist will come to the hotel specially for the bride. (A mask will be applied to the face with Fixler Spray to keep the make-up intact for 24 hours. Natural-looking silk false eyelashes will be worn (service time 1.5 hours).
  15. An English speaking member of our team (wedding consultant) will assist the couple during the day
  16. 2 Exclusive professional photographer takes 750 to 1500 pictures in JPEG format during the bride’s preparation, marriage ceremony and wedding dinner reception. (Original unrevised photos will be handed out on Hard disk)
  17. Professional video recording at the bride’s preparation, marriage ceremony and wedding dinner reception.(Original unrevised video will be handed out on hard disk)8-10 min wedding story clip will be prepared.
  18. Flower arrangements and the decoration of the venue will done by a professional staff
  19. Transfer and transportation of the staff/team and necessary materials
  20. Wedding City Antalya Team will come to the Hotel at 10.00; will serve up to 24.00 o’clock.

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