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Scottish Civil Marriage & Wedding In Antalya

Scottish Wedding

We are in a very green country. It’s rainy enough. But local rain doesn’t bring sadness. Quite the opposite, the rain comes with peace and tranquility...

The Scots well-known by their stubbornness. The stepchildren of Great Britain they thank their stubbornness not only not forget traditions and customs but live according to them. What are their wedding traditions? What they wear? What are their rituals and unforgettable traditions to which they are so committed?

Indian Traditional Weddings, Iranian Traditional Weddings

The Wedding Rituals Of The World

There a big number of very bridal traditions and customs in every culture, which have become an integral constituent of the marriage ceremony…

Every nation has its own recipe to make the wedding unforgettable, outstanding and special.

Luxury Traditional Indian Weddings In Antalya Turkey

The Marvelous Indian Golden Weddings

Traditionally in November till February in India opens a season of weddings. During this period it will be sold so many golden jewelries that it makes happy not only the Indian jewelers but impacts on all jewelers all around the world. Actually, every wedding in India has its own effect on the world economy. And the reason for this is “dowry”.Dowry is a special payment of the bride’s family to the groom’s family.

Catholic Marriages In Antalya

Catholic Marriage

Marriage According To The Canons Of Catholic Church

“A marriage is a lifelong covenant between a man and woman, established for the purpose of procreation and making a family, for mutual support, love, and child-rearing. Catholic marriage is a sacrament and mutual oath of man and woman who profess the Catholic faith.”

A Groom Wants His Life Partner To Be The Most Beautiful Bride

Why beauties attract us?

Beauty is a gift of destiny or curse?

“Beauty, attractiveness is one the most demanded and desirable qualities among people, why? Beautiful people are happier than others? We always dream about a tall, handsome, brunette following us. But my advice: ''If a man has no depth, it will be nothing interesting'' Robin Western said.

Don’t Forget The Oath: Together In Joy And In Sorrow

When You Disappointed In Your Marriage


Maybe before your wedding, you were sure that you and your partner are so suitable for each other and he is your soul mate. But after the wedding, everything is changed and from a happy marriage left just disappointments and your cozy nest more like a bird cage.