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Elite Relationships Always Ends With Healthy Marriages

Transition to the marriage proposal stage from meeting and dating stage

In this article I will describe the first step towards marriage between men and women, i.e. relationship from meeting and dating phase to the marriage proposal.

Life Partner Choosing Is the Most Important Decision

Selection of Ideal Spouse for Marriage, Pre-Marital Evaluation

In this articleI will tell about what should be considered before getting married in order to make an ideal marriage. How to make a marriage decision? What is anideal spouse?

Every Couple Have Different Stories on Love and Caring

How Close relationships, Love and Attraction Begin

Let's start from the beginning. The seeds of a future marriage fruit or oleander flower are thrown in the first place.

Love and Caring Should be Together In Marriage

Love and Attraction

"We look for someone whose life will melt in a pot with ours. We make the most different initiatives for this. One of them is friendliness. But the greatest what we call islove. True love is nothing but an attempt to exchange two loneliness."Ortega G. Gasset

Listen To Your Mind And Heart During Marriage Process…

Why are we Getting Married?

"Finding the right person to get married is like pulling a poisonous snake from a bag with ten poisonous snakes in it," Thomas Moore, Utopia.

Marriage Is Like A Wine You Want To Drink It More And More…

Conflicts Between Spouses in the Early Years of Marriage

The first years of marriage are the hardest years. Although the first three years of marriage are difficult, ironically, they are the most lively years of marriage.