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wedding menu options at five star hotels in Antalya, Turkey

Wedding meals of different cultures

The wedding is the most important holiday all over the world. Wedding traditions in every culture, society and country are very different. Wedding meal of these cultures are also very different from each other In this article we will tell you about the differences in the wedding meal and the reasons underlying.

Traditional wedding meal of England

Traditional Kazakh weddings on the beach in Antalya, Turkey


Kazakhs honor their wedding traditions very much. In special honor of such wedding traditions as to choose the bride (kyz aittiru), to look at the bride (Kyz koru), matchmaking ceremony (kuda tusu),

Why Choosing of the Wedding Cake is an Important?

Why Choosing of the Wedding Cake is an Important?

The ceremony of cutting the cake by the bride and groom became a ritual at weddings. But on the other hand this tradition gives an exciting memory for the newlyweds. After choosing of the wedding dress, groom's suit, flowers and wedding venue, the turn comes to choosing of a cake.Choosing of a cake is a very important moment of the wedding,

How to do Countryside wedding`s organization

How To Organize A Countryside Wedding?

Countryside wedding is a dream of any girl. But for a wedding in the countryside a large budget will be required. On the weddings outside the city the food and drinks usually serves on request.It is to be noted that depending on the size of the place and the area

6 Clue for best wedding photo gesture

6 Tips For The Most Beautiful Poses for Wedding Photos

Every couple who is going to get married wants to have unique wedding photos that would reflect the love of the couple to the fullest. I thought You'd want it too, and I picked the best wedding poses and I'll give you some tips so you can use those poses in your wedding photo shoots.Wedding photo album is a precious memory that, you will look and show to your loved ones,

Poolside Weddings in Antalya

A Detailed Description of the Poolside Wedding Concept in Antalya

Wedding on the pool side is one of the perfect choices for organization of spacious wedding in outdoors. Depending on your budget and your wishes, you can organize a cocktail party or a wedding with a wedding dinner reception.