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We provide you all need information via email of phone, But again, some small details can be forgotten, so we share with you all the information needed for weddings in blog on our website.

Romantic weddings in Antalya

Traditional themed Indian weddings in Antalya Turkey

India: The Land of Colors and Unending Stories

If I ask you what comes to your mind when someone says India, what would you say?

The most crowded population in the World after China, the spicy cuisine which is delicious and wide, the cast system between regions, English as a common language in the country, Gandhi and his independence struggle, wedding traditions which last at least 5 days, smiling people who wants to take photos with you, dances or Bollywood?

Luxury Weddings & marriage on Mediterranean Coast in Antalya

Marriage And Wedding Abroad

Recently, getting married abroad has become a growing trend among couples. To make these special days memorable, alone or together with family and friends in exotic regions around the world, the number of couples who want to marry with the traditional wedding ceremonies of the region is increasing day by day.

Traditional Iranian Weddings in Turkey Antalya

Traditional Iranian Weddings and Sofreh Aghd Ceremony

Iranian weddings have different customs peculiar to Iranian culture. These traditions have been changed many times throughout history and have differed according to social levels, ethnic groups and religions. Nowadays, couples can meet at work places, universities, public places, parties or family meetings. However families still play an active role on finding the right person for their children.

Bride and Groom celebrates the stag night with their friends

Bachelorette Party

When a girls says a "bachelorette party" to another girl, of course, one doesn't think about anything than madness. You should have fun with your friends on this night and do whatever comes on your mind.

Loyalty is very important in a marriage

Psychology of Unfaithfulness

If a woman loves deeply she immediately will feel being cheated

His grandmother also deceived and in the three relationships she was betrayed, 'If you love someone deeply a telepathic bond is formed. You feel that you are being cheated', she says

Elite Relationships Always Ends With Healthy Marriages

Transition to the marriage proposal stage from meeting and dating stage

In this article I will describe the first step towards marriage between men and women, i.e. relationship from meeting and dating phase to the marriage proposal.