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We have long correspondence with Couples for their future Weddings that will come to Antalya from all over the world.

We provide you all need information via email or phone, But again, some small details can be forgotten, so we share with you all the information needed for weddings in the blog on our website.


Pratical Informations To Make Wedding Plan


The planning of wedding is an important detail that couples who realized their couples got over in good or bad way. It was detected that detail thought as unimportant cause problems at the wedding night when asked to a lot of people who got over this period. Many candidates of bride and groom succeed in organizing difficult the planning of wedding period that they are stressfully cause of working with wedding organizer.This majority were disappointed that noticed that the details which they think unimportant before wedding are actually so important for them. If you don’t be disappointed as other disappointed couples, it will be benefical for you to take in consideration our suggestions about this subject…

Requested Documents For Christian Church Marriage

Requested Documents for Christian Church Marriage

There may be differences between churches. Therefore, the procedure that is written below is mainly the same. We suggest you to discuss the details with the church you wish to marry. You need to know their marriage traditions of churches.

You Can Get Support From Our Company For Special Wedding Venues

Determination Of Wedding Venues

First of all, you should decide if you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding. While deciding this, you can get help from the date your wedding. For example, you can prefer an outdoor wedding venues in a summer season. On the other hand, you may prefer indoor wedding venues for winter season. However, it is very likely to hold an outdoor wedding if there is no rain In Antalya in the spring or fall. Our Firm Wedding City Antalya organizes weddings for 12 months of a year.

Amazing Weddings In The Mediterranean Coasts In Antalya

How To Make An Amazing Wedding With A Low Budget?

You have met your soul mate and you are planning to have a dream wedding. However, you budget is limited, expenses are a lot... Are you going to give up easily and going to marry in an ordinary place? Are you going to say “YES” in an ordinary wedding? Well, how the dream wedding will be? Nevertheless, it is also possible to arrange a fun wedding that everyone entertains and remember it for whole life with a low budget! You do not have to delay your dream wedding just because your budget is low! There are some points that couples to be marry should consider before holding their weddings.

Requested Documents To Marry in A Foreign Country


In today’s worlds, the number of Turkish people who want to marry in foreign countries increases day by day. They want to arrange their weddings ceremony in a different tradition, in exotic places with their close friends and families.

Can everyone marry in foreign countries?

Requested Documents For Foreigner To Marry in Turkey

Requested Documents For Foreıgners To Marry ın Turkey

You have seen a lot, and searched a lot but you could not find someone for you. The person you were looking for came into your life in an unexpected moment.Everything is fine until now; the person you will marry has a foreign nationality. He or she is not a Turkish citizen. Well, what are the procedures in this situation!