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Luxury Weddings we prepared in Antalya


Have you ever thought about spending time reading an absolutely uninteresting book, wearing large or tight clothes, and buying huge furniture that does not fit in your room?

Inspect the weddings and honeymoon options in Antalya,Turkey

What should and should not be done during the honeymoon?

We have some tips for you that will be very helpful when planning such a long-awaited event as a honeymoon! So, let's start on the topics that are important both in planning and during the honeymoon!

Women Wearing Sari Dresses At Luxury Indian Weddings In Antalya

Indian Clothing is the Most Colorful Side of India

My favourite thing in Indian culture was the clothes and accessories they wore. Regardless of the age and the financial situation the clothes always took my eyes.

Indian weddings in Antalya, Turkey becam a new trend


In the traditional family structure of India in Hinduism the head of the family normally is the father.In the Indian family the father decides on all important issues such money affairs and marriage In a

Traditional weddings of various cultures in Antalya

Don't let cultural differences shake your marriage

It would seem so simple, but each family has its own differences starting with clothes and finishing with meal culture. So, how to avoid them? Love cannot solve everything. As soon as you have decided to get married the new joint period is started - matchmaking, engagement, marriage and wedding.

Traditional Indian Mehndi Ceremony in Antalya


Undoubtedly, you have seen the photographs of Indian beauties with decorative arms and legs, decorated with decorative dark brown patterns called mehndi.Recently, this art has gained immense popularity.