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We have long correspondence with Couples for their future Weddings that will come to Antalya from all over the world.

We provide you all need information via email or phone, But again, some small details can be forgotten, so we share with you all the information needed for weddings in the blog on our website.


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Guidelines For Marriage Preparation

Marriage is the basis of modern family life. To perform the whole traditional wedding process need to trace all stages of marriage. The first thing which comes to our mind when we hear the word “a marriage” is a wedding ceremony. But there are other stages of marriage and pre-wedding stages too. The wedding is a celebration of love for two people. It can look very easy and natural, but there is no wedding ceremony without all these certain stages.

Guide For Preparation Before Wedding

How to Avoid Stress In Pre-Wedding Preparation

You made your choice and have found your soul mate already. And what you shall to do now? Do you need some experienced wedding organizer? We, Wedding City Antalya as a company with great experience of wedding organization, offer to look into the “Wedding Preparations list” which we have made especially for brides. It can help you to avoid extra stress and save time before the wedding.

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Important Knowledge For Newlyweds

Things That Should Be At Hand When It Comes To The Wedding

You were preparing for this day long before the wedding, but remember, your wedding is not your test or exam for you. It’s your day, your holiday.

It’s very important to have positive emotions and best memories from the wedding. Stress and tense don’t make any brides more beautiful and attractive.

We Offer You Historical Wedding Venues For Wedding Photos In Antalya

Let Camera Capture The Fantastic Moments Of Your Engagement

At last, you have found your soul mate, and you want to spend all your life together. And the marriage proposal was made. From this moment your engagement period has begun. Don’t forget to capture these important pictures of your life. The most suitable place for the engagement photo shoot is open air.

Scottish Civil Marriage & Wedding In Antalya

Scottish Wedding

We are in a very green country. It’s rainy enough. But local rain doesn’t bring sadness. Quite the opposite, the rain comes with peace and tranquility...

The Scots well-known by their stubbornness. The stepchildren of Great Britain they thank their stubbornness not only not forget traditions and customs but live according to them. What are their wedding traditions? What they wear? What are their rituals and unforgettable traditions to which they are so committed?

Indian Traditional Weddings, Iranian Traditional Weddings

The Wedding Rituals Of The World

There a big number of very bridal traditions and customs in every culture, which have become an integral constituent of the marriage ceremony…

Every nation has its own recipe to make the wedding unforgettable, outstanding and special.