Some Important Life-Saving Suggestions for Brides to Get Married

Make very accurate plans after getting a marriage proposal

Life-Saving Suggestions for Brides

After getting the marriage proposal, there are many different points that brides have to focus on. First of all, you should work with making a plan step by step to make everything as your dream and you should take advice from experienced people What are the life-saving suggestions for brides at

the wedding preparation process? If you are curious about the answer to this question as other brides, you should read this article.
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Making a Plan is Necessary!
You have to make a plan with a person that you choose as long life special friend the day before getting married and you have to start at least 3 months before that special day. The biggest mistake that brides make about wedding preparations is to try to fit the last 1 month. It pushes the bride and partner that will be the groom for trying to complete all preparations in a short time. That’s why they should make all preparations in order and finish the closest plan without delay or postpone further in an ideal timeline as 3 months.

After Saying “YES”
After giving a positive answer to a person that you love, the first thing that you handle is to make a budget plan with groom together. Your mutual budget will reveal how much you can spend. Then you should search as a general how much the cost of wedding preparations. In this direction, you can see in a concrete way how much you will spend on everything. You should start researching the bride preparations, which are very important such as wedding dresses, bridal flowers, accessories; shoes, makeup and perfumes, and you should get ideas from your closest circle.

Pay Attention to Wedding Dress Choosing
One of the biggest dreams of every young woman is wearing a wedding dress. There are some points you should pay attention to wearing a gorgeous wedding dress. Physical elements such as height, weight and body type are among these. In order for the wedding dress you choose to suit you in every sense and adapt to your physique, you must first know how your body size is. Another factor you need to decide after this stage is whether your wedding dress will be ready or special sewing. If you think your body type is difficult or you can’t find the wedding gown of your dreams, you should turn to special sewing wedding dresses. Whether you make your wedding dress erect or ready, you should definitely take it according to your body type. Looking at the body types, it is seen that there are 4 different shapes. It will be very easy to find your own body shape among these types!

  • Pear Body Type:

“A” cut type wedding dress is the best choice for a person who has small or normal type breast, wide hip, narrow shoulder and narrow belly. If you want a princess type wedding dress model, these designs will also help you to catch very stylishly looking. If you like, you can prefer boat neck models for your shoulders and hips to have a harmonious shape.

  • Apple Body Type:

If you have a wide belly, small and flat hip, wide shoulder and long leg, your body type is called as an apple shape. While choosing a wedding dress, you need to focus on breast and leg parts. If you wish, “V” neck and slit model can be suitable. If you want a modest elegance model, can keep “A” type model in your mind.

  • Rectangle Body Type:

The most suitable model for a rectangle body type that has a wide shoulder, narrow hip, small breast and normal belly, is regular cut models. You can draw attention in this direction by giving back and shoulder décolleté.

  • Hourglass Body Type:

All sizes are ideal at the form of an hourglass, which has a body type that can wear all wedding dresses. If you have a proportional body; you can wear all models: A-cut, V-neck, fluffy, fish or low-cut.Wedding planner in Turkey

Choose Your Shoes Colorful and Comfortable Model!
After buying your bridal dress, you will see that other preparations turn into easy condition. You should make sure that the shoes that you will buy are comfortable according to the wedding dress model. If you think that you will wear an extremely long bridal dress with shoes with a very high platform, you will make the first mistake at this stage. Bridal shoes, whose heel is very high and thin, are becoming history. Especially the number of bridal candidates who prefer only white color has decreased considerably.

Choices of newly bride are comfortable and colorful shoe model. You have to try before buying bridal shoes and shouldn’t buy from online. You should try and wear the shoes that you will buy with going to a shoe store. Otherwise, you don’t understand that production you will buy is comfortable or not for your feet

The Harmony of Bridal Shoes and Bridal Bouquet
If you choose a colorful model, you can create ambience with bridal bouquet thought these colors. If you prefer models with vibrant color tones such as purple, pink, blue, red, green and yellow, you can add tremendous elegance to your white wedding dress. You can catch colorful moments at the photoshoots.

Hair and Make-up Suggestions
You have to pay attention to wedding dress model while choosing your hair design. If you prefer a high-neck wedding dress model, you should choose a bun hair model. However, if it is a boat neck or strapless model, your choice has to straggly hair model. Nowadays, you can also consider the colorful crowns or sparkly hairpins frequently used by brides for your hair design

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