Bridecake And Wedding Candy According To Concept Of The Wedding

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Bridecake and Wedding Candy Advices according to Wedding Concept


Couples who will marry think every detail and carefully for wedding days that is the most special day. So, one of these details is bridecake.

Bridecake takes attention of your guests as view while cake cut ceremony and it should be of a quality to sweeten their mouth with its taste at the same time because this ceremony is the sweetest part of night So how do you choose this special detail to match the wedding concept? For this, the choice of the bridecake company is very important. In this way; It is possible to have an extremely stylish and delicious bridecake that reflects the concept. In this article, we will talk about suitable bridecake advices for a different type of concept. We are sure that these advices give you an idea about bridecake choices. Bridecake advices according to your wedding concept!Best wedding planner in Antalya

Bridecake Advices for Vintage Themed Weddings
Retro looking cakes can be preferred for vintage themed weddings, which are usually organized in historical venues. It would be extremely convenient to choose a multi-layered, white cake decorated with romantic flowers or two-layer lace patterns models at such weddings.

Bridecake Advices for Winter Themed Weddings
White bridecakes in line with the concept; Chocolate-colored pastes and cream-colored pastes can be preferred in winter-themed weddings. Forest fruits, pine cones, and pine tree branches can be used as decorations on light-colored cakes. Of course, these decorations can be made entirely from sugar paste and can be positioned on the cake.

Bridecake Advices for Rustic Themed Weddings
Natural view cakes with less decoration are preferred in rustic themed weddings that are the popular wedding concept. After all, the main idea of the concept is naturalness! After choosing a simple and natural cake, figs and forest fruits, fresh seasonal flowers can be used in decoration.

Bridecake Advices for Beach Themed Weddings
A cake with summer season fruits or ice-cream can be a preferable choice in beach themed weddings that it usually be preferred at summer weddings. It can be used sea color like blue, turquoise in a cake color, in the adornments; symbols as fish, sealer can be made by sugar paste.

Bridecake Advices for Bicycle Themed WeddingsIf you like a lot ride bicycle a couple, you can organize your wedding with this theme in the ambiance. So what kind of cake should you choose for your bicycle-themed wedding? You can prepare the bicycle figure that you want from sugar paste and use it in your cake decoration; you can also use the bicycle figures that you used in your decor in your cake decoration. In this way, your cake will have a very harmonious image with your wedding theme!

Bridecake Advices for Travel Themed Weddings
If you are passionate in travel as a couple, you can reflect on your wedding theme. You can choose a bridecake that is prepared in the form of a world, or a cake decorated with the symbols of the cities that you love. In addition, cakes designed in the form of suitcases, trains, and planes will also be highly compatible with your theme!

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Why the Wedding Candy is Important?
Married couples suffer a lot until the wedding. When it comes to where the marriage will be, the bridal dress, the groom, the guest list, it seems that all the things will be mixed up. There is also a wedding candy between these hectic periods before the marriage. There are questions such as whether it will be grown or not, will confuse the couples. You can make your marriage favors and share your little gifts with your loved ones that will remind you to your most special moment, in order not to have any trouble at the wedding and leave a gift of those beautiful moments they have experienced during the wedding.

Wedding candy distributes as a tradition at almost every marriage. It doesn’t distribute to eat, distribute as a wedding memory. Distribution of it become an old fashion, however different type views appear with improving technology and time. In the past, almond candy was wrapped with wire and tulle and served to the relatives of the couple. However, it can be said that these candies are almost history. The absence of sugar from they has become the fashion of the last period because the purpose of it is not to be eaten. They with lavender in place of sugar are selected in more functional structures.

There are many materials such as from seashells to candle holders, from trinkets to glass products to make it. Even the feather is inside of the most used materials. Do not let guests leave with empty hands and in order to keep the wedding candies, which are given to save the beautiful moments with a gift, to be longer and that this moment never gets old, accessories are given and these products are distributed to the purpose of candy.
Wedding candy, which is one of the memories leftover from the marriage day, is also among the most important details of that happy day. It can be a bit difficult and even confusing to decide among models that have different designs and colors from each other. At this point, the concept you set may facilitate your choice between candies.
Wedding candy that you choose according to your concept will appear in harmony with your wedding theme and as a whole. You can check that we think to help you with the concept and candy suggestions at the wedding preparations process in under the headings below.Wedding planner in Turkey

Wedding Candy for :

Vintage Country Weddings
You can choose between wedding candies with lavender and flower details in the country weddings where the vintage theme probably the most suits. If you plan to give both a useful and permanent gift to

Beach Themed Weddings
Beach weddings, whichare preferred by couples who love the sea, stand out with its simple, hot, and comfortable atmosphere. Starfish shaped cookies, which are compatible with the beach wedding theme and made of sugar paste, will attract your guests with both their appearance and taste.

Classic and Romantic Weddings
If you dream about classic and at the same time romantic wedding that is defined as timeless, which is permanent for every semester, you can choose stylish boxed candies with crystal, silver objects. At the same time, it will seem also extremely harmonious and elegant with table decoration.

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