Traditional Indian Weddings for 3 Days and 3 Nights in Antalya

Traditional Indian wedding at the beach in Turkey Antalya

Every Stage of Marriage is a Ritual in Indian Weddings!

An Indian Wedding covers all stages of preparation for life after marriage, from encounters of couples to meeting families,

accepting good wishes and sharing happiness with friends and relatives.Traditionally, Indian Weddings are like musicals filled with different type of music with a solid story. Indian Weddings, which consist of three main stages before the wedding marriage ceremony and celebration, also remind traditional Anatolian marriage traditions.For example, the ceremony that the Indians call Shagun can be compared to asking for the girl's hand in marriage. The groom's mother goes to the girl's house with gifts and deserts, and the official process of marriage between the two families begins. Brass, which represents abundance and abundance very much like Turkish style, is for the young couple to have an endless happiness for a lifetime. Another phase, Mangni or Sagaai, seems to be engaged. Let us state that all the relatives and friends of the couple are present and rings that will join them for a lifetime are worn.

Best wedding decoration in Antalya Turkey

One of the pre-wedding ceremonies is the Mehendi ceremony, which resembles the henna night. The interesting thing is that the traditional Indian henna ceremony is a ceremony that only women attend. The bride's hands and feet are adorned by a Mehendi master. Families invite the masters of Mehendi according to their financial situation, because this isn’t a job for everyone, it is literally an art. Henna is special to every bride, each one is different and unique… When applying henna, the bride is given all kinds of advice, now she is told that she has grown up and will leave her family. Today, in modern Indian weddings, Mehendi takes place with mixed ceremonies for women and men.

Both families come together and blessing couple with spice as specially turmeric and good smell in wedding ceremony morning

Groom Ride a Horse or if it is Necessary Elephant
There is tradition in Anatolia that bride is taken with horse from bride’s house and bring to groom’s house. Groom rides horse - even if groom is rich to show that rides elephant – in India and he rides to long trip to the wedding venue with traditional Indian drummers. This dance-filled journey, called Baraat, takes hours and he arrive the wedding venue. The entire groom's side joins the journey and, under the leadership of DJ, the whole walk continues with the rhythm of the drummers.

Varmala Ceremony under the Marvelous Sky
Mandap is simple a awning with 4 leg and it is decoration that design with colorful fabric and flowers. There is deep meaning… The conservation of their unity, which is believed to last 100 years under the sky, is the symbol of the world that the bride and groom will establish together.

Symbol of Infinite Happiness: Mangalsutra
One of the most important symbols of this 100-year marriage is a gold necklace that the groom ties the bride's neck with three knots! This romantic moment symbolizes the strong bond between the couple and now they are married.

Dance, Fun, Enthusiasm!
It is not necessary to say that music and dance are indispensable in all ceremonial stages, starting before the wedding. The movement is the most important symbol of dancing, living happily together, sharing happiness in this world. That's why, in an Indian Wedding, whether it's traditional or modern, we discover that everyone is dancing, sharing this happy event!

Choreographic Tradition: Sangeet
Perhaps the most memorable moments in Indian weddings that last 3 days and 3 nights are Sangeet time. Sangeet is the night when the bride and groom's families, cousins ​​and friends perform dance choreographies on stage, accompanied by Bollywood music. At the moment of the night's hit, the bride and groom appear on stage, exhibiting their most special dance and celebrations continue by drinking and dancing until the morning.

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Sharara and Lehenga… Indian Wedding dress
White is symbol of death in Asian cultures. Thus, color of wedding dress doesn’t expect white. Generally, red or yellow tone of color usedin Indian wedding dress. Don’t forget that the traditional wedding dresses of Anatolia are also red. By the way, wedding dress is made with 3 different processed fabric parts; skirt, blouse and scarf that is symbols of family’s financial capability. Actually, Lehenga is the name given to the embroidered skirt. Sharara is a wedding dress with a top that is long enough to cover the sleeves and belly, preferred by Muslim brides. It has lines reminiscent of traditional Anatolia wedding dresses. These wedding dresses, where red, orange and yellow colors are used together, show the economic and social power of families.

Traditional Indian Weddings for 3 days and 3 nights in Antalya…
Indians are very happy to have their traditional weddings in many countries other than their own.Wedding in Antalya, which has an important place in world tourism, has become an important trend for Indian farmers.Antalya, which is a wedding paradise in the Mediterranean, offers incredible opportunities for Indian weddings. Traditional Indian weddings are served for 3 days and 3 nights with silky beaches of the world brand hotels on the Mediterranean coast, colorful ballrooms with colorful flowers, magnificent ballrooms with crystal chandeliers and private Indian kitchens. It makes Indian young people very happy…

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