Professionals Should Take Your Wedding Photos and Video Shoots

Wedding Photo and Video Shooting in Antalya, Turkey.

The Importance of Taking Pictures and Videos at the Wedding
Here is one of the choices you need to make carefully, your shooting team

If you aren’t going to organize your wedding with a professional wedding planner, you need to

make a detailed agreement with the photography and video shooting team, and explain your requests to them in full detail.Your photographer who makes your beautiful moment unforgettable should be a professional. Remember that your pictures are a spiritual heritage that you can leave to your children in the future. You should agree with your photographer for at least 3 months before the wedding. If your photographer approves, he will sell your pictures to your guests at the wedding. Confirm the price of this in advance. Also, find out the price that will be applied to your pictures. This usually ranges from one third or half of the guests' price.Best wedding planner in Turkey

You should gather about a week before your wedding to confirm what kind of pictures and poses you want. In fact, it would be more useful to give him the special poses you want to take or by giving sample pictures. If you want to have studio pictures taken, it would be appropriate to negotiate for two works from the beginning.

You should tell your photographer what aspects you like and want to be highlighted, and perhaps where you want to be camouflaged. Remember, with a few photo tricks, you can have your exact poses. Most importantly, you should have had a good night's sleep and minimized your excitement during the photo and video shoot. Remember that all your emotions will be reflected in your photos and video shots at that moment. In addition, you should ensure that there is more than one camera next to your photographer for any mishaps.

It is necessary to ensure that your shooting team is present at the wedding place on time and to meet with family members. The shooting team should be able to follow the arrival of the guests and capture pleasant snapshots. Our suggestion is that recording all your dreams by the shooting team; after you wake up in the morning, when the last having breakfast with your family as a single, while making your hair and make-up at the hairdresser, from groom takes you from your house to the getting on your bridal car. It shouldn’t be forgotten that while bride is getting ready in her room and then your exciting waiting is displayed!

Another important issue is that you should be sure about the person you met before a professional photographer and videographer, who is shooting at your wedding. Sometimes it isn’t the person you met before, but the less experienced employee of the same company. You make certain this issue at the beginning. Don’t forget that there will be left behind only your photos and video shoots after the hustle and bustle. The most precious thing is marriage story clips and wedding album.What do you say for taking a few black&white photos? You should remind that detail to your photographer. Thus, you will have nostalgic and romantic photographs. Believe us, black-white photographs are always the most beautiful photographs.

Video shooting should also be done professionally. They are usually provided by either professional photographer. Photographs, videos, and aerial drone shots must be experienced people who have worked together and should know teamwork so they can shoot without missing special moments. Everything develops very quickly in the preparation of the wedding and at the time of the wedding. The shooting team knows very well where to get the best image, where the employee in the group shouldn’t stop and prevent each other from shooting. Should the shooting team have wedding experiences together, experienced wedding planners motivate and follow the shooting team very well because they know the natural setbacks. They make impeccable plans.

Wedding is the most special unrepeated day of a person. Which type shooting, where should start or how should be going to continue; If you have that kind of questions, you should talk with your shooting team. If should gather all questions, you should ask before all questions in below to person who will shoot video and you should be sure what kind of services they will provide.

  • How many years have you been doing this profession, what is your expertise?
  • Could I see your references photographs and video shooting?
  • Is your photographic apparatus suitable shooting under every type of light condition?
  • How many photographs do you take approximately and how many hours do you video shoot in a day?
  • How are your payment terms?
  • How many days after will you give information to choose photographs and to watch the original video of wedding?
  • What do you wear for the wedding?
  • Are there any extra technical materials for any unaccepted condition?
  • Is there any limited number for photographs?
  • How long do you stay in the pre-wedding and wedding shooting day?Wedding shos in Antalya Turkey
  • Is there any guaranty for video and photograph quality?
  • Is there any extra fee for we haven’t talked about yet?
  • Can we take a sample of contract?

In order not to regret it later, give a list of the poses below to your photographer and video crew:

  • Pre-wedding preparations shooting of groom and bride before the wedding.
  • Your entrance to the wedding venue.
  • Decorated form of bride car.
  • Decorated form of venue and tables before your guests appear.
  • Images of your family welcoming your guests.
  • While walking towards the venue that will be a civil marriage.
  • During the civil marriage.
  • While saying a big word: “YES”
  • During civil marriage ceremony and after the signature.
  • Congratulations with the witnesses.
  • At the first dance.
  • While dancing with your family, family elders and best friends
  • Table of bride and groom.
  • While your guests are writing your memory book.
  • While enjoying the stage.
  • The moment and arrival of your wedding cake.
  • A single picture of wedding cake.
  • While making eat the cake each other.
  • Dancing after the wedding cake.
  • While throwing bridal bouquet toward back.
  • Single picture of bridal bouquet.
  • Picture of musicians.
  • Displaying the decorated table if there is an open buffet.
  • Farewell moment at the end of the night; shaking hands.
  • While getting into your bride car.
  • Other photographs that you want.
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