Middle East Weddings

Specially prepared wedding packages for Middle East Weddings in Turkey Antalya are provided by an International Wedding Planner in Antalya. Wedding couples from Lebanon, Dubai, Qatar are willing to have their Middle East weddings in Turkey. Our company Wedding City Antalya provides the best Turkey wedding packages for most luxury wedding hotels in Turkey with the best prices.

Middle Eastern Weddings in Turkey

Civil marriage in Turkey Antalya is really important for wedding couples from the Middle East who'd like to have their destination wedding in Antalya Turkey -. Given marriage certificate, after civil marriage is recognised worldwide and Wedding City Antalya as a Wedding Planner in Antalya - Turkey has all knowledge and experiences about the official requirements and official paperwork for your Middle East wedding in Turkey - Antalya.

Civil Marriage procedures in Turkey are easier and finished in half a business day compared to other countries providing civil marriage. Our company Wedding City Antalya offers the fastest wedding service and wedding packages with the most attractive prices according to your budget.

Middle Eastern Weddings in Antalya Turkey

Services Belong to us in Antalya for a Middle East Civil Marriage
We will provide you in writing the legal requirements for marriage you need to prepare in your country. Please send us the above documents obtained from the relevant authorities of your country by e-mail at least 30 days before coming to Turkey, so that we will check them all beforehand. You will need to take the original documents with you and submit them personally. The couple will be taken to the Marriage Office in Antalya to apply personally for the civil marriage with filling out the document of “PERMISSION TO MARRY/DECLARATION OF MARRIAGE”, a Health certificate will be taken. At the day of application, our clerk will take the couple from the hotel with a car, assist them with all the paperwork and will bring the couple back to the hotel after all the paperwork is done. The registrar will be brought to the marriage venue. After the civil marriage, the marriage certificate must be apostille by the Office of the Governor in Antalya.