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Since our company Wedding City Antalya is an international wedding operator, we welcome wedding groups in different cultures from all over the world in Antalya, Istanbul, and Bodrum. Turkey is a very important country in world geography that connects Asia to Europe. Although India is one of the countries with the largest population in the world, Antalya has unfortunately been able to introduce itself to tourism too late to India. Thank god for the Indian community, it has become a major trend to make the traditional Indian wedding in Antalya and travel there. We have world brand hotels for 300 to 1000 people 3 days/nights traditional Indian wedding entertainment in Paradise Antalya. These wedding hotels, which are located right next to the Mediterranean beach and didn’t lose the forest texture, have an amazing green garden which can accommodate hundreds of people.

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Our Indian wedding hotels, which are located in Antalya, Istanbul, and Bodrum, serve the famous Turkish cuisine together with the international cuisine as well as and serve the Indian cuisine, which has a fabulous cuisine, with a great success to Indian wedding groups. The Hotels that we do Indian weddings has minimum 2 indoor wedding venues and up to 1000 guest can attend the wedding ceremony. Indian wedding hotels have specially designed illuminated with crystal chandeliers in their ballroom. A stage for the Indian wedding entertainment and the traditional Mandap for the bride and groom can be set up in the big ballrooms. Our Indian wedding hotels, which are world brands, serve with an all-inclusive system in Antalya.

During the year 3 seasons summer, 1 season spring in Antalya. Antalya, which has a mild Mediterranean climate, has almost all of the hotels at the Seaside. It is like a painting that looks like a corner from heaven with its green palm trees and colorful flowers. Our company has prepared

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special decorations which include traditional decorations and traditional colors for Mehndi ceremony, Sangeet ceremony, Baraat ceremony, Varmala ceremony, and wedding (Shaadi) especially for you in a traditional Indian wedding. You can review the wedding packages whichinclude special decorations and special ceremonies, for traditional Indian weddings on our website. Our Indian wedding packages offer entertainment until the morning.On the other hand, Wedding City Antalya can serve to you special services as the themed wedding packages, wedding entertainments on the yacht, wedding at 2365m high Olympos Mountain, having a party in the European largest tunneled aquarium which has underwater experience with the sharks and takes a trip with flying balloons in Cappadocia. We are ready to serve your dreams in Gloria Golf Resort, Sueno Hotels Deluxe, Titanic Deluxe, Regnum Carya Resort, Rixos Premium, Cornelia Diamond Resort, Maxx Royal Kemer Resort in Antalya which is a global brand in tourism, in Hilton and Ciragan Palace Kempinski, which are the Pearl of the Bosphorus in Istanbul and La Blanche Island Bodrum, which is famous in the world with entertainments and in the Harem Cruise with a single email for you traditional Indian weddings.

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