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First things first, a date should be determined. The wedding date is extremely important and there are lots of people who think alike.

You should pay attention to the date of your wedding so that the date does not overlap with organizations of your close friends, family, etc. After determining the date, the next step is to determine the budget. Determining the budget is completely related to the wedding on your mind. The budget of an organization with dinner obviously will not be the same as an organization without dinner. Even the contents of the meal will change the budget. Seasonal menus, open buffets, hors d'oeuvres, and other examples will have different costs, changing the overall budget of your overall organization.

The choice of location is also as important. You should keep in mind that the location of your ceremony should be appropriate for both sides so that everyone can have easy transportation.

The choice of venue should be picked especially according to the number of guests. If the venue of your choice is out of capacity, some of your guests might have a hard time. Choosing a venue with the adequate number of tables and seats, dancing hall size, table and chair decorations, a clear visibility of the stage and dance hall from everywhere, catering of fresh and variety foods, alcohol, live music or a professional dj, photography and videography services, valet, and security services will help you arrange your wedding with more ease and less problems.

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Pre-Wedding Preparations

While preparing, the first thing to do should be to determine the venue and rent it. The venue is rented approximately a year before and the date should be taken from the wedding office.

  • If you want to officially marry at the same time as your wedding ceremony, the most ideal time of the day is 8:00 PM. An early reservation for your honeymoon vacation is logical and economic.
  • It’s best if you prepare your home 1-2 prior to the wedding. Examples could be renovation, decorations, etc.
  • Bride’s dress and groom’s suit: Choose models and rehearse without interruption. Make sure that the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit are ready at least a week before their weddings.
  • Invitations: It is possible to find an invitation that suits all kinds of tastes and budgets. After determining the design, the amount should be determined as well. The invitations must be prepared months earlier than the wedding because you should give your guests the time for them to prepare as well. You can also use the power of social media while distributing your invitations.
  • Bridal Hair: As your wedding date approaches, make sure to get an appointment with the hairdresser of your choice. Make sure to mention the amount of people whose hair needs to be done so that you can arrange your time.
  • Bridal Car: You can decorate the bridal car with various flowers and texts.
  • Wedding Convoy: The wedding convoy is made while on the road to the ceremony venue from the bride’s house. Drive with care, as there will be children who will try to interrupt the convoy for money.

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What to Do Before the Wedding Day

If you plan an outside video shooting, appropriate crew and venues must be determined. You can also ask them to stay with you during the convoy and other various processes such as the hairdresser.

What to Do on the Wedding Day

You can visit your wedding planning company approximately one week before your ceremony in order to discuss the rehearsals and final details. If you’re thinking about a slide show, hand over the photographs of your choice along with the music you wish to be played to them. Also, if you have first-dance music and cake cutting ceremony music on your mind, share those with the respected crew as well. If you’re having a hard time choosing music, your wedding organizer will gladly help you out.

The staff at the venue will welcome your guests with the music and treats of your choice. Once the wanted amount of guests is reached, the groom and the bride will appear at the scene with their song of choice accompanied by fireworks and volcanoes while the slideshow is played in the background. If you have a wedding ceremonyplanned, the bride and the groom can start their first dance after the ceremony. After that, the guests can join them for their second dance. After dances ceremonies, the cake ceremony can start, followed by traditional wedding dance.

You will not understand how time flies while having fun. As the wedding is about to end with flower throwing ceremony, the families come together for a photograph by the end of the night. After goodbyes, your beautiful night ends with all the magnificent memories.

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