Rustic Village Wedding Concepts at Green Area in Antalya

Rustic Wedding Decorations at Hotel Beach in Antalya

The term we call “rustic weddings” is essentially village weddings with a little bit more adapted to modern life.

How Rustic Wedding Decorations Should Be?

We will give you a few hints about rustic wedding decorations.

Rustic Wedding Decorations in AntalyaColorful Wedding Jewelry for Rustic Wedding

Wouldn’t you like to be inside of a decoration which resembles fairy tales while saying “Yes!”? One of the most crucial details of rustic decorations, wedding jewelry, are shaped by the decision you made on the ceremony theme and provide an environment where you can feel like a couple of prince and princess. In rustic-themed weddings, where pink, purple, yellow, green, and peach tones are preferred, it is necessary to ensure integrity in small accessories other than jewelry. Try not to forget this detail.

Lanterns and Candlesticks for Rustic Decorations

Wood stem candlesticks and cage lanterns took their place as indispensables. Your rustic style will be completed with candles matching the color palette of your organization venue and it will give every reason for your guests to bombard you with compliments. Now you can enjoy a fabulous wedding.

If we were, to sum up, rustic theme decorations with one word, that word would be naturalness. Because rustic weddings, what we define as modern village weddings, should be built upon the naturalness and the simplicity of a village. Upon all that, it also reveals the modernity of the present age. Apart from its more modern atmosphere, one of the most important things in the concept we call this rustic wedding decor, which tends towards naturalness, are village elements such as flowers, woods, etc. We have ourselves a rustic decoration when we have our open field weddings accompanied by flowers, trees, candlesticks, etc.

Rustic Wedding Planner in AntalyaAnd What about the Wedding Dress Selection?

Now, that is the important question. Because in order to be a part of the synergy with the venue of organization and its decorations, you should choose a wedding dress according to the atmosphere. On occasions like these, our suggestion would be more bohemian-style bride’s dresses. Your choice of wedding shoes could be cowboy boots! And for bridal hair, definitely a crown made of flowers. You would be a perfect match with the venue decorations. Besides all these, your choice of jewelry is as important as your wedding dress. Wearing more vintage necklaces and earrings instead of extremely exaggerated jewelry will allow you to get the result you want.

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