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Even though Couples to be married usually don’t prefer autumn or winter wedding, we would like to talk about a concept that is worth considering.

Village Wedding of Modern Times: Rustic Wedding

Rustic themed wedding is a wedding concept that is, by our definition village wedding of modern times which highlights naturality. What do you say to examine this organization trend? Maybe rustic weddings are the perfect reflection of your imagination.

What is Rustic Wedding Concept?

Before we start, we can check out the meaning of the word “rustic”. The meaning is “simple and often rough in appearance, belongs to rural, typical of the countryside”. As a wedding concept, it states the naturalness, comfort decorations which is made of raw timber. When all these combined wit winter, rustic themed weddings show up. The keyword for rustic-style weddings is “naturalness”. However, no matter what anyone says, we should add the fact that it is also a concept that hosts sincere intimacy, romance, and melancholy. In this concept, the very best tons of pastel colors are used. Logs that reflect the natural life, branches, wicker fabric, straw bales are used as the most important rustic wedding ingredients.

What should you consider while choosing a wedding dress for a rustic wedding?

Rustic Weddings on Beach in AntalyaI recommend a wedding dress which the bride can feel comfortable inside. Since the wedding has a very natural atmosphere, the choice of wedding dress should allow the bride to move easily and dance freely. Which is why A or straight cut, simple and elegant dresses with lots of lace details, fur, dangling ropes, frills are preferable. If you’re planning your wedding in winter, when temperatures are low, models with long or three-quarter sleeves can be chosen. For spring and summer weddings, rural and beach weddings in rustic concept, you can choose bohemian and hippy wedding dresses. If you are going to prefer short sleeves, we especially like rustic wedding dresses with watermelon sleeves. I guarantee that she will be a charming bride, especially if she wears lace-adorned, elegant backless vintage wedding dresses.

You probably already know this, but we think it’s for the best of your interest that we should remind you to choose your wedding dress according to your shape of body.

For example, if you have a rectangular body, you can choose round collar, or if you have apple body type, you can choose v neck wedding dress models. If you have decided to use rustic concept for your ceremony, whatever you do, you should definitely stay away from stones and any unnecessary decorations. Don’t forget, the main principle in a wedding like this is the reduction of glint and more of pastel colors. You can choose your fabric in favor of flying tulle, chiffon, and organza, which will make your wedding dress fluctuate with you in your every move. It can be a nice detail to put flower or butterfly motifs made of organza fabric on your dress in a region you want to highlight according to your body type.

Tips for Bridal Makeup and Bridal Hair

As for the bridal makeup, we recommend you pick as plain options as possible. A good option would be a makeup which brings your eyes to the fore and pastel colors for your lips. You can complete your wedding dress with a hair accessory made with flowers, branches, and gypsum or an elegant veil. You can also be sure that a straw hat decorated with flowers will suit the venue perfectly and turn you into a charismatic bride. If you have chosen an open field for your wedding venue, we recommend you get support from your makeup artist time to time because both your hair and makeup will be affected by the moisture.

Bridal bouquet definitely has to be chosen from the natural models. Because we can not think the bouquet independently from the venue of the ceremony. You can think about a bouquet only made of daisy flowers, or lavender and spikes as well as various wildflowers. Succulents are pretty popular over the last few years as an ingredient in the bridal bouquet and we see how great results they give.

Beach Wedding Ceremony in Antalya TurkeyWhat should you consider while choosing a wedding suit for a rustic wedding?

The choice of wedding suit for rustic weddings should be mainly made on comfort, naturalness just like the bride’s dress. Sport suits, wearing a tweed vest over canvas trouser are both good options.

We like the combination of earth color canvas trousers, a vest one or two tones darker than the trousers, an ice blue shirt and tie-on rustic wedding suits. In addition, cream, gray, light green, khaki, brown, parliament blue groom suits are also frequently seen. In addition, let's not miss the bow tie, which is indispensable for rustic groom suits.

The bow tie, which softens the atmosphere and gives the groom candidates a sympathetic look when used with suspenders, can also be worn with a lumberjack shirt in rustic weddings where there are less guests. While choosing the fabric for the grooms suit, we can easily say that linen, cotton and tweed are the top three picks. I also would like to remind the groom candidates about the collard flower. It is going to make a good synergy if you use one of the flowers from the bridal bouquet.

What Should You Consider While Decorating the Wedding Venue?

First of all, you should decide if you want a open or closed venue depending on the season which the marriage will take place. For example, if you going to have your organization at a cold winter night, a place made of stone and logs with high ceiling is a solid choice. During autumn which the weather is slightly warmer, you should take precautions and prepare for a rainy night. Yard tents or umbrellas are good preparation. Also keeping shawls for the guests who might get cold could be a good idea.

For the wedding venue decorations, in order to warm up the place, you can use wooden materials which reflect naturalness, dry tree branches, straw fabrics, paper bags, sacks, straw bales, cushion, laces, candles. Every earth tones, brown, beige, crème, light grey fit perfectly into rustic ceremonies. If you still haven’t decided how you will prepare the seating plan of your wedding guests, at your organization, you can choose the royal type seating arrangement where all the guests sit around a rectangular table, or you can choose the banquet type with individual round tables.

Decoration Ideas for Rustic Wedding Organization

The tradition of having a civil marriage under a circular or arched arch, which has become increasingly popular lately, dates back to the Celtic civilization in the prehistoric period and symbolizes the door to a new life. Arches made of fabrics and flowers, when used according to the colors of theme, gives very beautiful scenery. You can also note down welcoming boards decorated with, again, flowers, empty chests, wildflowers inside of galvanized buckets as rustic decorations ideas.

Again, as a different decoration idea, instead of candlesticks the use of old vine bottles comes to mind. You can place flowers of various colors, gypsums, dry tree branches inside these bottles. If you’re thinking about a cocktail-style organization, you can use barrels as service tables and decorate the wooden chairs with straw or linen fabric. You can decorate glass vases with things such as bows, straw rope, lace and use them as candleholders for decoration purposes. Lanterns, balloons, pompoms made of pelur paper, light bulbs dangling from the tables are decoration ideas that suit rustic concept. You can also install a swing on the venue and make a pleasant surprise for your guests.

Let’s talk about your wedding invitations. The invitation should be carefully picked because it will give your guests important hints about the organization. An example would be a model with a tree stump texture, made of kraft paper, tied with straw rope can be a nice rustic invitation. If you like to try new things, you can use dried flowers, branches, cinnamon sticks in your invitation.

Let Your Wedding Cake Also Impress by Presentation

Rustic Wedding Planner in TurkeyTo make a pleasant rustic cake choice, you should prioritize fresh fruits and natural crème and stay away from sugar paste cake models as much as possible. If you choose a fruit such as figs, apples, grapes for your organization concept, you can also appeal to the eye by using these fruits abundantly in the decoration of the cake placed on a slice of it. In addition, for an olive-themed wedding, you can decorate your cake with olive branches.

You should pay attention to the menu. The content must be as light and natural as possible. You can consider vegetarian products, healthy snacks, canapé, cheese plate, fruits, drinks. If you want to give wedding candies or gifts to your guests, by giving gifts that evoke natural life such as succulents and flower seeds, you will make your environmental friends happy on one hand, and on the other hand, you will make a choice that is compatible with your rustic wedding concept.

We hope that now you have new ideas about how to have a rustic wedding, from the wedding venue to the selection of the wedding dress and groom, from hair and make-up to the wedding cake. If rustic weddings, which will warm you up in the cold of winter, have impressed you with their intimate and romantic texture, do not be too late to start preparations for an organization in this style.

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