Bohemian Wedding Concepts on Green field in Antalya, Turkey

Boheminan Wedding Decorations on Hotel Beach in Antalya, Turkey

There is no such thing as “rustic style” in fashion. Rustic is a unique decoration style. When we talk about “rustic” in decorations,

We especially mean that raw, unprocessed, shaped by hand British cottages and village houses, and their accessories. Some people confuse it with country style. However, the country is a more generalized term. Rustic bohemian is a romantic, pastel version of gypsy style. In other words, it is what we can think about when we talk about gypsy and bohemian; horse carriage, laces, tassels, ruffle skirts, lots of flowers on hair, hands, dress with pastel color tones instead of the bright ones while the nature is on the background with all its bright green. Simple as that.

Bohemian Wedding Planner in Antalya. TurkeyFor Bohemian Wedding Decorations:

The wedding must be done before the sunsets. Better if that’s done on the hill because the sun means health and abundance for all the nature people. Moreover, you’ll do a water fight with your guests so you’ll need the sun to dry up. We also wouldn’t want our carefully handmade decoration to be killed by the darkness, would we?

What type of Venue?

The best is a private farmhouse, with a giant background, with a fruit garden if possible, or even better, with an olive garden… Instead of a giant wedding downtown, marrying from an invitation where almost everything is handmade and homemade, you’ll stop worrying about perfecting everything and start enjoying every moment of the day.

With the color scale of crème, beige, canvas tones, light gray, and pastels, desaturated painter colors… Every shade of green, soil colors. The keywords are patina, raw, vintage, second hand, homemade, lace wedding dress, lace bows, guipure, tassel, dream catcher, glass jar, glass sphere, candles, galvanize, bucket, linen, sack, blanket, straw, wildflowers, tent, cushion, succulent, wedding ring pillow

Before you begin, don’t forget: It’s the day of being together with loved ones. So you can’t spend the majority of your day inside the bridal room or so. It is completely against the bohemian spirit! Only invite people who you have fun with, the people who you’d want to be with you, first-degree relatives, close friends, etc. And smile!

Don’t let the bridesmaids bother the bride with words such as “Don’t wear white”, “Tell them to wear this”. If possible, have everyone wear white. Try to make every detail in the wedding serve the whole decoration. It is important to live the moment but plan the way you want to look in the pictures and videos prior to your organization and do them. The general synergy of colors will make your photo albums, the mirror of your memories, unique when compared to others.

Wedding Planning Agency in TurkeyFlower Arch, Candles and the Rings

Standing at the verge at the wedding is an ancient Celtic tradition. It resembles the door opening to the rest of your life. So it’s not only for decoration purposes. It has a very important meaning. It is one of the few things that you should seek help from professionals. Pay attention to which flowers to use and other decorations. Make it unique for you.

Glass vases in different shapes and sizes or candle holders decorated with laces or linen will help you create the atmosphere you want. Even though they won’t give the same satisfaction, LED lights might also do the trick. Another detail is the wedding rings. A basket decorated like a bird’s nest could be one of the well thought details.

Seating Plan

Since you have already found a place for your soulmate, we can now check out the seating plan of wedding witnesses. You can decorate crude, massive wooden chairs with pieces of linen or sackcloth. It is very important for the flowers in between to be wildflowers or just green plants to catch the synergy you’re trying to build. You can also place wildflowers inside of galvanized buckets along the edges of the walkway.

Table Arrangement

After the vows, the actual fun will begin with dinner. Instead of small, separated tables, try to build a long, one-piece table where everyone can talk to themselves get to meet. Instead of shiny shenanigans, you can use old wine bottles as an alternative. Or, you can use the glass vases around the wedding venue. A flower arrangement lane in the middle of the table could be good. However, you need to make sure that the flowers are low enough so they don’t disturb the people trying to see each other. Not everyone has to eat at the table. You can set up different seating corners around the backyard. An old, classic armchair with carvings can be combined with cushions while there is a tent with blankets on the other corner will surely create an amazing sight.

Photograph Corners

Rustic Weddings in Antalya, TurkeyWe are in the times of selfies. We already know that everyone will take lots of photos and share them on social media. So, why don’t we do selfie-enthusiasts a favor and create photograph corners which will improve their creativeness? A sturdy platform between two solid trees can create a love/wish/creativeness wall. Colorful markers, post-its, papers, small wooden hearts, stamps, two-sided duct tapes to snap those on the wall…

All you have to do is to go to a stationary where you can buy art instruments. Even you will be amazed by yourself at what you can find. It’s up to you to pre-design or let your guests show their imagination.

You can have a swing built in the form of your wedding arch and have it installed on the wedding venue. It’s guaranteed that this spot will be the place where most of the photographs are taken. One of the best solution to your circular decoration need is the Indian dream catcher. You can use those on almost anywhere. Hanging from the trees, on the tables to enrich the overall decoration.

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