Different Wedding Concepts on Hotel Beaches in Antalya

Bohemian Wedding Decorations on Antalya Hotel Beaches

Eight Most Popular Wedding Concepts That Will Be Memorized

Everyone wants their night of marriage to be an unforgettable memory. Which is why you can come up with different wedding concepts and make both your guests and yourself have unforgettable moments.

It is crucially important to make a TO-DO List right after deciding the wedding concept that suits you the most. The period until the special day will come in handy while choosing the venue decorations, music, gifts, wedding dress, and groom suit, etc. As an international wedding planning agency in Antalya, we have compiled the most popular 8 wedding concepts that are different. Based on the wedding theme ideas you have on your mind or after reading this article, you can get free information from our company about the concept you have made up your mind.

  1. Bohemian Concept
  2. Rustic Concept
  3. Vintage Concept
  4. Rural Concept
  5. Botanic Garden Concept
  6. Beach and Sand Concept
  7. Poolside Concept
  8. Ottoman and Palace Theme

Bohemian Wedding Concept

Wedding Decorations in TurkeyThis is one of the favourite concept preferred by many brides and grooms in the recent years. If you define yourself as free, natural and comfortable, it’s fair to say that the idea of bohemian concept is exactly your type. What you want might be the fact that how everything is unique with bohemian weddings. From the dress, bridal hairstyle, make-up, accessories and gifts to invitations, everything is designed with high creativity. Also, we should add that macramé braids add warmth to bohemian organizations. That’s why the venue where you will hold the wedding is very important for both decorations and your dress.

For the bride’s dress, you can choose lace fabrics, loose and comfortable skirts. In an environment with such bohemian theme, the only thing that’s left for you to do is to celebrate your love.

Rustic Wedding Concept

The first thing that comes into mind with the rustic wedding theme is a free and comfortable style. Of course, the use of fresh flowers and wood everywhere all around the venue, which does not contain anything artificial, is another concept. The most important thing about this theme is that everything comes from the soil. Flowers and wooden decorations will help you catch the elegant ambient you want. Rustic weddings are especially matched with the unique beauty of autumn. Venues are usually decorated with timber, dry flowers, wicker, and pastel colours. Shawls, blankets for the guests who stays up in the cool of the evening can also be kept in accordance in this concept.

If the date of the marriage is in spring or summer, you may want to consider a few changes in decorations and colours. You can choose rural areas or historical venues with high ceilings. You can decorate the venue of your organization flying tulles and dried flowers. And for tables, you may choose wooden decorations and flowers in pastel tones. While choosing a dress for such occasion, glamorous dresses should be avoided. Simpler but assertive dresses can be preferred. Usually, fish cut dresses that cover the body suits very well.

Vintage Wedding Concept

Rustic Wedding Planner in AntalyaCouples who adopted the naive and attentive style of the past usually prefer the vintage theme as their choice of concept. If you have a romantic temperament, vintage concept can be the best way to reflect your style. With the decorations such as romantic pink flowers, peach tones, tulles and sparkling candles, you can definitely create an unforgettable atmosphere. Vintage theme can be caught with both cheerful and emotional transitions in decorations. If you have made your decision on such theme, make sure the overall lighting is dim and the surrounding area is illuminated by candles. And also if you are thinking of having a formal wedding ceremony under an arch, you can decorate the wedding arch with pink roses and tulle, beige fabrics and illuminate the wedding arch. What can be more romantic than the smell of fresh flowers dim lights? When choosing a wedding dress, you can choose romantic bridal gowns with lace embroidery, a long veil and a crown adorned with real flowers, and you can make a light make-up in palette of decoration colours. It's time to have fun with the romance of the first dance and your head-turning crush.

Nature Themed Wedding Concept

We all long for nature. For years, one of the first concept that comes into mind is nature theme. While living in big cities, we sometimes can’t find the time to spend the time in the nature. Celebrating the marriage, which is one of the most unforgettable moments in our lives, in the lap of nature means a reunion by all means. Green grass under the warm wind and deep blue sky. Every wedding with a nature concept means fresh air and complete naturalness.

Rural Wedding Concept

Ruralstyle is a theme that is always in vogue and will never go out of style. Couples who are going to get married in summer generally prefer outdoors instead of indoor venues. It is among the most preferred concepts because the suitable venue for a country wedding can be found anywhere and everywhere. Imagine white tables and chairs, pastel tones of your choice, lighting and music outdoors. The romantic magic of the environment will create the most beautiful memories for you and your relatives on your most special day. Imagine white tables and chairs, pastel tones of your choice, lighting and music outdoors. The romantic magic of the environment will create the most beautiful memories for you and your relatives on your most special day. The most preferred wedding dresses in the concept of rural weddings are flying wedding dresses with light fluffy skirts and tulle. You can wear a crown that shines under the lights of the evening, on your natural bun or wavy hair, but we recommend that you choose shorter or thicker heels for rural occasions, if you have an area where you will meet soil and grass, you will definitely be more comfortable.

Botanical Garden Concept Weddings

These type of organizations will be attended by fewer guests but are more intimate and fun. They also have become the favourite of many couples. Loves celebrated under the trees of a warm summer night… One of the most important detail in botanic and garden wedding concept is the live music! A small stage and artists who will impress you and the guests with their live performances. Lighting and live flowers are also two other important details in garden and botanical weddings. The trees and table decorations you will light up are dry pastel flowers, maybe succulents. You can keep the romantic atmosphere even more alive with lace tablecloths. In garden and botanical weddings, you can get an impressive look with short wedding dresses or long, thin straps made of tulle, corset effect wedding dresses.

Beach and Sand Wedding Concept

If the city you will get married has a coast to the sea, and if it is summer, there is no reason not to have a beach wedding. At the beach, which will be accompanied by the sunset, glasses will be raised for the special couple. Bare feet, far from exaggeration, celebrations, endless love and intimacy. Imagine your wedding dress floating above you with the wind at the wedding, which will be illuminated by gas lamps. In this magical environment planned on the beach, you will have an unforgettable look with a satin bride’s dress and a crown made of real flowers.

International Wedding Planner in TurkeyPoolside Wedding Concept

If you are planning your marriage for the summer and don’t want a hall, you might consider poolside weddings, one of the trend concepts of 2022. The pools in the wedding venues of many hotels can be chosen completely according to the wishes of the couple. You can have an unforgettable wedding with your loved ones, whether you gather around a small ornamental pool or a swimming pool. The pool will create an excellent ambiance when combined with the tables, chairs, gifts and various decorations. You can use all kinds of lighting in poolside weddings, and you can even use floating lighting on the pool. Artificial flowers and lights that you will throw in the pool will add a completely different atmosphere. In the concept of pool weddings, glittering and slightly fluffy skirts, bridal gowns with chest or back cleavage are preferred the most. Peach colour tones that you can choose in the wedding concept will create both a modern and romantic stance.

Ottoman Weddings and Palace Wedding Theme

Although everyone has a different dream, Ottoman concepts have attracted a lot of attention in the past years. The Ottoman Empire which spread over a wide geography, is commemorated with its customs and traditions and is still kept alive. One of the places where this situation is most reflected, you should determine your wedding invitations according to the concept. The decoration you will complete with gold leaf bride and groom thrones, chandeliers, crystals, chiffon and lace, antique objects is indispensable for Ottoman and palace theme. We can say that it is cut out for couples who love exaggeration. The choice of flower you will use at the venue should be in favour of tulips. The tulip flower, one of the symbols of the Ottoman Empire, can be placed both as a motif and as an ornament on the tables. If you have decided on the concept of Ottoman and palace at your organization, the bride and groom should definitely fit the concept. You should choose the artists who will play according to their repertoire. Your loved ones will remember your wedding in grand halls or old palaces for years.

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