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Everything You Need to Know About Beach Wedding

Beach weddings have a special place in my heart. The sea, sand, and the sky trinity reminds me of a good vacation.

This trinity of sand, sea and the sky, when combined with wedding, creates exclusive memories. This is why it is worth checking out. So, let’s closely check out beach weddings.

Most of the couples to be married tell me that they want a beach wedding these days. It is very common between the celebrities as well. Actress Jessica Biel, singer Justin Timberlake, and Victoria’s Secret angel Isabeli Fontana are one of the few who sad “yes” on the beach.

Beach Wedding Venues

If you ask me, one of the best options as a wedding venue in this case would be a summer beach house of yours or relatives’. So you can save up your budget. However, keep in mind that if you’re planning to do your wedding at public beaches, you should have permission from the municipality. If you have planned your wedding as a beach party, you can hand out the invitations during the day. If you have a wedding ceremony at the beach, I suggest you to plan it at sunset. If you’re planning a dancing event with your husband-to-be in a romantic environment, the perfect option would be night wedding. However in this case, you should also consider the accommodation of your guests. If you don’t have summer house as an option, you can keep in mind about the hotels, restaurants and invitation areas in the Mediterranean coasts. If you choose a venue with a mini pier, you can surprise your guests by showing up to the venue by boat.

Beach Wedding Decorations in Antalya TurkeyChoosing the Brides Dress for Beach Wedding

I suggest you to pick the most comfortable and the modest models while choosing beach bridal dress. Imagine walking on the sand with a tight corset! Don’t forget the fact that you prefer more suitable options by avoiding exaggerated models to fit in the concept.

Beach bridal dresses are usually preferred from straight cut models. Most of the other cuts will prevent you from moving comfortably during the event on the beach. If you’re planning your organization especially during the daytime, models such as deep back neckline or transparent could be a pleasant idea. The most common clothes used for beach bridal dress are, without a doubt, silk, chiffon and tulle.

How the Hair and the Makeup Should be?

Don’t you think that natural hair suits very well in beach weddings? If you have a long hair, and have chosen a low back, not closed in-front, I suggest you to use your hair without tying. I should also add that shabby tied and braided hair models are convenient options for beach wedding. You may also consider using various hair accessories instead of veil which most of the bride candidates do. Handmade straw beach hats are one of the options. Also, circlets decorated with flowers or various jewelleries, bandeaus or other accessories that goes around your hair may be chosen.

I should also mention that you should avoid exaggerating your makeup in a wedding occasion like this. A heavy bridal makeup won’t fit in the beach ambiance. Foundation cream applied layer over layer will disturb you in the heat and it will create a bad look because you’ll be sweating. Instead of those, you may choose BB Creams which balance your face colours. Concealers will be your saviour. I suggest you to use soft tone makeup components that will make your face look bright and fresh. Especially if you have light skin tone, I can guarantee that with peachy blushers, earth like eyeshadows and pink lipstick you will look just perfect.

How the Shoes Should be?

If you’re organizing a beach wedding, you should forget about high heels. If you insist on wearing them, you should have a hard-floor bridal walkway and dancing hall prepared.

I suggest you to pick either platform shoes or thick heels. Besides those, the most picked shoe models for beach wedding occasions are sandals and flat shoes. In fact, you can see that in most of the occasions, most of the people have been barefoot. However, whatever people say, I vote on foot accessories that can be decorated using laces or various precious stones.

How the Wedding Suit Should be?

Beach Wedding Organizer in AntalyaGroom candidates, just like brides, should choose options that prioritizes comfort. Good choices could be linen or cotton suits. The colours I suit the most for grooms in beach wedding organizations are beige and blue. An ice-blue or a white shirt combined with a beige suit would be the perfect choice. And the gentlemen who want to use accessories can consider using a groom’s collar flower that has a synergy with bridal bouquet. The groom candidates who doesn’t prefer suits may wear linen shirts on top of linen or canvas trousers and suspenders. Another combination suggestion for the gentlemen who wants to meet elegance with comfort halfway would be blue gingham shirt inside of a white suit. For shoes, loafers should be a solid choice.

Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas

If you are not planning the wedding decoration on your own or not leaving to the venue, you should reach out to an organization company. Before you reach out to the professionals about beach wedding organization, you should determine the wedding concept and explain the wedding in your dreams to the wedding planning company correctly. We can take a look at what can be done, if you want.

You can start by deciding about the decoration of the venue and planning the seats order. Is there going to be table order, cocktail tables, or are there going to be mattresses on the floor?

If you want a table order, a pergola or an arch to get married can be chosen. The guests’ seats should be placed with the sea view. If there are going to be mattresses, you can organize a seating plan around the fire and small stands for treats.

According to your determined wedding theme of choice, you should pay attention to catch the synergy of table and seat decorations. For example, in a sea themed wedding, chairs can be decorated using starfish and tables can be decorated with the accessories of same colour inside the vases. In the vases, besides big white flowers, sea shells, sea sand, starfish and white pebbles will create a pleasant effect. Bridal walkway and the arch where the couple will put their signatures can be decorated by details such as tulles, thick ribbon, chiffon, and big flowers. Such details will put the occasion into a fairy tale ambient. If you are planning a night wedding, you should pay attention to lighting. Gigantic candles on the sand, lanterns hanging from the tables, decorations with light could be few of the alternatives.

Beach Wedding Organizer in TurkeyMenu Suggestions for Beach Wedding

Before deciding on the food to be served, you should determine if you want to do a cocktail, open-buffet or pre-set menu. In the pre-set menu, you may choose seafood. Grilled fish with rich salad is going to be a light option. Calamari, shrimp, mussel before the main course may be served. It would be the best if you take your guests who does not like fish to account and prepare an alternative chicken, red meat or vegetable menu. During summer, instead of a heavy dessert, you may consider fruit salads with a pleasant presentation. If you’re planning a cocktail or an open-buffet invitation, shrimp, mussel, crabs, etc... are very good options. Lemonade, alcoholic or soft cocktails, fruit liquors to refresh guests should be considered as well.

Choosing the Suitable Music

I found Latin songs and live music most fitting to beach weddings. You can make your wedding unique by choosing a musician band for Cuban songs.

The biggest handicap in beach wedding is the wave sounds. Waves, although creating a unique atmosphere, can supress the music depending on its intensity. Which is why you should see if the musicians of your choice have the adequate equipment for the occasion.

Sea-Concept Invitation

Catching the right synergy from the wedding venue decorations to the invitations will impress your guests more than you think. Therefore you should choose your invitation carefully. I really love invitations of sea-concept weddings that use real starfish. If this is above your budget, you can choose starfish shaped invitations. Other options may be: anchor, fish, boat, rope figure.

Gift Suggestions for Those Who Plan Beach Wedding

It is now a tradition to give presents to the guests of the organization. Wedding candies are leaving the stage slowly to those presents that can be saved up as a memory from the day. I thought about what would make my guests happy and found out that sunglasses, slippers, hats may be good options. You may also consider these kind of presents to increase the comfort of your guests. In fact, you can decorate the slippers yourself and save up the budget. As for decorations, you may use tulles, flowers, tassels or glass beads.

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