Details About Rustic Cocktail Wedding Decorations in Antalya

Seaside Rustic Cocktail Wedding Decorations in Antalya

Cocktail Wedding Concepts in Antalya

Minimalist, sincere and fun… We have gathered inspirational concept ideas about one of the most popular wedding organization type, cocktail weddings!

Open-Air Cocktail Organization

Cocktail weddings are chosen by couples who want to get married with an elegant, minimalist and sincere ceremony. Venues for these types of ceremonies are quite a lot. You may choose a natural, open-air venue or a hotel’s reception hall. You may also choose a historical venue or a yacht for such an event.

Rustic Cocktail Wedding Concept

International Wedding Agency in AntalyaIf you ask what a cocktail wedding is, let us explain the details. These short and sincere organizations which usually organized in a concept that guests are standing near cocktail tables. However, on occasions in which the guests may have difficulties standing, high bar tables may be chosen as well. You may choose a rustic themed organization for an elegant, sincere wedding. If you plan to use this theme, you can contact our international wedding planner firm in Antalya and get a free consultation.

Barrels are great rustic details that give a vintage ambience. If you’re planning a bohemian style wedding or looking for an alternative to classic stands or tables, you may choose barrels. For this chic concept, you can get in touch with our firm. Don’t make a decision without checking out our website

Romantic Cocktail Wedding Organization

Couples who like romantic design may choose soft pink tones as a ceremony theme. This colour can be used in tablecloths for one of the key elements of wedding decorations, cocktail tables to create a pleasant ambience or our international wedding operator company, with its professional crew, can do it for you.

Sunflower Themed Cocktail

Especially the couples who plan a country-style ceremony may choose flowers such as daisies or sunflowers which gives a pleasant view with green colour as a theme. If you’re planning a country-style organization, our company can do the necessary arrangement with an exclusive package for you.

Minimalist Cocktail

Rustic Wedding Planner in AntalyaIn such cocktail organizations, simplicity is at the forefront. You can also host a minimalist, away from exaggeration, design by choosing this theme. You can have the support you need from Wedding City Antalya.

Floral Cocktail Wedding

If you want to organize an elegant and romantic cocktail, you can choose large flowers in the centre of the bistro tables that goes all the way to the floor. You can choose the flower concept as a marriage ceremony theme and you can decorate everything from the bridal bouquet to chandeliers for a synergic view. For such a concept, you can get in touch with our wedding designer company in Antalya and get information for free.

Magnificently Decorated Cocktail

You can decorate a very long table of foods and drinks accordingly to an open field. You can choose magnificent vases and other decoration objects inspired by Roman architecture to host a magnificent cocktail wedding. You can get in touch with us about such a concept.

Pink Themed Cocktail

For a chiRustic Wedding Decorations in Turkeyrpy cocktail wedding organization, you may choose your favourite colour as an event concept. For example, romantic couples choose pink as their wedding concept and choose everything else related according to pink. For such a cocktail event, you can get in touch with our company and get more information about wedding decorations.

Poolside Cocktail

If you’re planning a poolside wedding, our suggestion for you is to choose a colour synergic with blue. For example, orange colour may be chosen as an organizing concept and decorate the bistro tables, wedding flowers, bride’s and groom’s accessories in this colour palette. You can have Wedding City Antalya’s support for this occasion. Don’t make a decision before getting in touch with us.

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