Details You Should Consider While Choosing A Wedding Suit

You Can Choose Your Wedding Suit When You Come To Antalya

How will you choose the groom suit that will play a role from the wedding dress?

As you know, the selection of clothes for the groom is not a long and tiring process like that of brides. However, you need to choose the suit that will make you the star of the night and suit your body. For this reason, we tell you how to choose the most suitable groom suit in the most practical way.

Groom Suit Types

Do not think that you do not have many options when choosing a groom's suit. Now, what are these options, let's check them in order:

Suit: It is the most preferred dress by the grooms at weddings. Offering different fabrics, colors, and style options, it responds to the needs of grooms with different styles in different wedding venues. It is possible to complete the suit with a tie, as well as a bow tie. The color of the shirt and accessories can be decided according to the color of the suit.

Tuxedo: Tuxedo, which is an outfit that will never go out of fashion, is a nice option for grooms. Especially, wearing a tuxedo which is preferred in luxury weddings, has a separate etiquette. In classic models, a shawl collar or double-breasted tuxedos are worn with self-belted trousers, wing collar shirts, bow ties, and cufflinks. A belt cannot be worn with a tuxedo. Although the tuxedo is usually black, there are also options such as white, burgundy, and navy blue.Groom

Frock: It is preferred in official invitations, especially in historical wedding venues, and is black in color. It consists of a jacket and trousers with a long skirt and slits up to the waist. It can also be worn with a vest, depending on preference. Shirt preference must be made in favor of white color. Frock shoes should be shiny patent leather.

Alternative recommends: If you are going to get married at the countryside or on the beach besides in the wedding venue such as ballroom, historical place, club, meeting room, you don’t need choices that seems like the formal view as groom suit, tuxedo, and frock. Linen pants-linen jacket and canvas pants-blazer jacket combinations are among the alternatives. At beach weddings, sports shirts and suspenders over shorts or jeans can also create a pleasant style for the groom candidates.

What are the Groom Accessories?

Groom Shoes: You should choose the shoes which make you comfortable according to the suit model. You can wear patent leather and thin laces with tuxedos and frock, patent leather or matte leather with a suit, and linen or sports shoes with a sports suit.

Tie, Bow Tie, or Scarf: You can choose a bow tie for a tuxedo and frock coat, and optionally a tie, bow tie or scarf for a suit, depending on the style of the suit. Don't forget that you have to wear a vest when you use a scarf alone!

Belt or Suspenders: If you are going to wear a tuxedo, you should definitely wear a belt or choose belted trousers. A belt will be suitable for a suit, and a trouser hanger for a sports suit.

Cufflinks: Cufflinks are indispensable for tuxedos and frocks. Shirt cuffs, which are visible from under the jacket and decorated with cufflinks, add elegance to the room's appearance.

Seaside Wedding Ceremony in AntalyaGroom's Watch: You can choose steel, silicone, or leather watchband models to match with your team.

Groom Suit Choice According to Body Shape

Mesomorph Body Type: It is an ideal body type. Also known as the triangular body. This groom-to-be has broad shoulders and a thin waist. Almost all models will suit. However, we recommend groom candidates with this body type to avoid thickly striped and checkered fabrics.

Endomorph Body Type: Also known as the round body type. Men with this body type are generally stocky and gain weight easily. There are excesses in the umbilical region. If you have such a body, you should wear a suit in one color or in shades of one color. This way, you can look taller and slimmer. You should also stay away from pleated trousers and prefer straight trousers.

Ectomorph Body Type: It is known as the skinny body. The person is tall and rather thin. If you have this body type, you should avoid slim-fit suits. Because it will make you look weaker than you are. You should prefer wide-necked suits so that your shoulders look wider. In addition, as a color; You can choose suits combined with different shirts and trousers. Wearing a single-color suit will make you look taller.

Groom Suit Choice According to Venue

If you have a wedding reception at a glory place as a historic place or hotel, you can wear a tuxedo. If you organize a magnificent wedding or more formal frock should be among the choices.

Groom's Suit Selection by Venue

You can wear a tuxedo if you are hosting an invitation to a flashy venue such as a historical wedding venue or a hotel wedding. If you are organizing a more formal and more flamboyant wedding, the frock should be among your options. We recommend suits for terrace, poolside or restaurant-style weddings. You will be able to move comfortably with a suit you prefer in colors suitable for the concept. The suit you will wear at a country wedding or beach wedding should be comfortable, thin, and made of fabric that will not make you sweat. For this reason, you can choose sports suits made of cotton and linen fabrics, in which you can move comfortably. Let's also say that we prefer beige, light gray or ice blue groom suits to the beach wedding.

Finding Harmony in Groom's Suit and Wedding DressWedding Venue

While the wedding preparations are being made, the wedding dress is always chosen first, and the groom's suit is always left last. Since every bride-to-be has a wedding dress model that has been on their mind for years, they usually find the wedding dress of their dreams miraculously in a short time. The only thing the groom candidates have to do is to find the groom that is compatible with the wedding dress! Before choosing your groom's suit, ask your spouse the type of wedding dress you bought and start researching it.

Suits That You Can Use With a Rolay Type Wedding Dress

This wedding dress with a high waist and wraps around the middle of the body is one of the most preferred types of wedding dresses. This type of wedding dress, which is usually found in plain and white tones; It is not preferred for more comfortable weddings such as country or beach weddings, but rather for heavier wedding styles such as hotels and historical venues. A striped jacket and a bone-colored shirt and tie will be very nice with this wedding dress. Although the types of grooms are different, it is the right move to base the wedding dress.

Suits You Can Use With Mermaid Wedding Dress

If your bride-to-be chose a mermaid-type wedding dress, she probably has a very fit body and does not hesitate to show off her beauty. In order to look harmonious with your bride-to-be and not to get in the way of this simple wedding dress, you should choose a simple, stylish, and fit grooming suit and use a noble bow tie.

Groom Suit You Can Use With Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Ball gowns are generally suitable for more formal weddings. It carries an elite atmosphere with its fluffy skirt and body-hugging lace structure. Ball-type wedding dresses and a groomed suit with sharp lines and enriched by using a vest will be magnificent. The use of a vest and belt with a groom's suit will instantly make your look much more elegant. You can surprise your bride-to-be with the contrast you will create without going out of black and white.

Bride and GroomGroom Suit You Can Use With Princess Wedding Dresses

Obviously, your bride-to-be is implying that she has found her own prince charming by choosing a princess-style wedding dress. You may not have a white horse, but you can get a stylish white suit! Of course, don't go and buy a plain white suit just because we said white, there are dozens of beautiful suits in bone and cream tones available in the market. You can complete your simple groom's suit with a big boutonniere and bright cufflinks.

And Finally, An Important Detail

After determining your groom's suit model, the most important step will be to choose the color and fabric. While choosing the fabric, a sample is taken from a piece of the wedding dress fabric in order to achieve harmony in the groom's suit and wedding dress, and it is used as an aid when choosing the accessories of the groom's suit or when choosing the wedding dress fabric. The colors of the stones used in the wedding dress are also very important in order to be in harmony with the bride. After these choices are made, measurements are taken for the groom's suit, and the rehearsal stage is started.

You can consult the specialist in the store where you shop, who will direct you to a model that is compatible with your wife's wedding dress and will determine the fabric and lines that are suitable for your style.

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