It is very important to choose the right Bridesmaid and Bestman

The Best Man Selection Is Very Important To The Groom

Duties of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen at the Wedding

If you have decided to unite your life with your loved one and have started the wedding preparations, you may have found yourself in a very busy, happy, exciting, hectic and sometimes even stressful process.

This is also very normal, because couples (especially brides-to-be) want to have a perfect wedding and everything to look perfect, including themselves. Of course, in this process, you need someone who will both reduce your workload and share your happiness and anxiety. Yes, we are talking about bridesmaids and groomsmen. Bridesmaids and groomsmen have some work to do until the wedding. In this article, we will be answering questions such as who the bridesmaids and best man are, and what are the duties of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Who are the Bridesmaid and Groomsman?


Although we associate bridesmaids and groomsmen more with Western culture, the role of the bride's and groom's friends and siblings in the wedding process is important in our culture. Bridesmaids are made up of the bride's sister, if any, and her close friends, and the groomsmen, if the groom has, his brother and friends.There is no specific number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, it is entirely up to the bride and groom's choice.

What Are the Duties of Bridesmaids?

First of all, the duties of the bridesmaids are to help the bride during all this marriage preparation and wedding process and to keep the bride's morale high. If we go into a little more detail.

Giving an Idea on Choosing a Wedding Dress

Wedding dress selection is a very special and important issue for brides-to-be. They rightfully want to look flawless in their wedding dress, which they will wear once in their lives. Therefore, one of the most important duties of bridesmaids is to assist the bride-to-be in the selection of wedding dresses and bridal accessories.

IMG_8651Help with Organizing the Wedding and Shopping for Goods

Even though the bride-to-be organizes the wedding with her future husband and family, she may need her friends to make some decisions.If the bride-to-be wishes, the bridesmaids can give ideas on many issues, from the selection of the treats at the wedding to the decorations.

On the other hand, there are many big and small things that the bride-to-be should buy, from home textiles, small kitchen utensils to home accessories. Bridesmaids can accompany the bride-to-be and give ideas during the entire shopping process.

Organizing a Henna Night or Bachelorette

The bride or the bride's family can also organize the henna night or bachelorette party, depending on the situation.In this case, the bridesmaids can help the bride-to-be for the wedding organization. On the other hand, if the bride or her family does not organize such an event, the bridesmaids' surprise henna night or party will be a very nice gesture and will help the bride relieve stress and relax before the wedding.

Helping the Bride Prepare

One of the most important duties of bridesmaids is to prepare the bride both physically and psychologically on the wedding day. Brides-to-be can be very excited, hectic and nervous as they prepare for the happiest day of their lives. Bridesmaids need to support the bride in everything, from the bride's eating to dressing (she may even forget her because of the rush and running), to her hair and make-up.In addition, a small bridesmaid party in the bride's room can have some fun and have pleasant moments.

Sprinkling Confetti or Lucky Coins

IMG_7065It is also a tradition to sprinkle lucky money when the bride leaves the house or enters the area where the wedding will take place. Sometimes the mothers-in-law take it on, sometimes the bridesmaids can.Likewise, if confetti are to be thrown before or after the wedding, the bridesmaids undertake it.

Carrying the Jewellery Pouch

Although jewellery ceremonies were held in weddings in the past, it is not generally preferred anymore.Although sometimes it is preferred to hang large ribbons on the bride and groom and hang gold and coins on these ribbons, this can take a very long time and is tiring, especially in crowded weddings.Therefore, a jewellery pouch is often used for this work.One of the bridesmaids has to carry the jewellery pouch, and as the pouch is full, it has to be emptied and handed over to the elders (usually mother or mother-in-law).Now that we have answered the question of what the duties of bridesmaids are, it's time for the groomsmen...

What are the Duties of Groomsmen?

Of course, just as marriage and wedding preparations are exciting and sometimes stressful for the bride-to-be, so too for the groom-to-be.Here, too, it is up to the groomsmen to relieve them and reduce their burden. So, what do the groomsmen do in this process?

Helping with Ring Selection

Proposing marriage is also a process that happens once in a man's life most of the time, and he wants to take care of the woman he loves and special for him.Of course, the solitaire ring to choose is also important when proposing, and it can be difficult to decide.Therefore, it is beneficial for the groomsmen to help the groom-to-be in the selection of the ring, or even act as a spy if possible and give him an idea about the taste of the bride-to-be.

DMC_0233Helping with the Marriage Proposal Organization

No couple will ever forget their marriage proposal, moreover, they want this moment to be wonderful, which they will tell their children and grandchildren in the future.One of the duties of the groomsmen is to give creative ideas to the groom and to personally assist the organization if necessary.

Organizing a Bachelorette Party

Of course, the groom candidates also deserve to have some fun, de-stress and relax before the wedding. For this reason, it is up to the groomsmen to organize a bachelorette party with lots of fun one or a few days before the wedding.

Decorating the Wedding Car

One of the things that should be done on the wedding day is to decorate the bride's car. Since it would be a waste of time for the groom to do this in all this rush, it would be appropriate for one of the best men to undertake this job.

Ensuring the Wedding Goes Smoothly

Weddings are very crowded and arduous organizations where both the couple and their families are in a sweet rush.For this reason, groomsmen should be interested in service, music, photography, and even consider the tips to be given.As you can see, the bridesmaids' and groomsmen's jobs in this process are not very few or easy.Therefore, we advise you to choose your friends who are as talented as possible and have high organizational skills, especially when choosing your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

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