2021 Wedding Trends, Intimate Small Organizations

New Wedding Trends in Antalya Due to the Pandemic in 2021

2021 Wedding Trends, Intimate Small Organizations

Boutique weddings which especially held outdoor venues in 2021, where the closest guests are hosted, starting with brunch and spreading all weekend, are the prominent organizations of the year. The low number of guests also makes weekday and daytime weddings popular.

Color of the Year: Gray and Yellow
Announcing the trend colors of the year every year, Pantone Color Institute determined the colors of 2021 as gray and yellow. Gray, which is the symbol of strength and endurance, and yellow tones, which represent hope, appear in every detail of the wedding, from decoration to cake, from bridal accessories to groomsmen.

'Order' Is Destroyed in Decoration
In decoration, few but assertive elements come to the fore. Regardless of whether it is indoor or outdoor, a scattered seating arrangement with seats that provide home comfort is preferred. Small but large ornaments such as voluminous bouquets and large balloons accompany these designs.
In order to make this comfortable and stylish environment even warmer, eye-catching lighting comes into play. Lighting items such as leds, fancy bulbs, and flowered chandeliers create an impressive ambiance at this year's weddings.Wedding planner in Antalya

Eco-Friendly Options
Recently, couples have taken care to make environmentally sensitive choices in their wedding organizations. For example; Growable plants, which have been one of the most trendy wedding presents for the last few years, are also eco-friendly wedding materials this year.

In addition, designs made from recycled materials stand out among the 2021 wedding invitation card models.

Stylish, Natural and Cool Bridal Look
In 2021 bridal dress trends, comfort is at the forefront as much as elegance. While the popularity of flowing dresses made of unembroidered, satin or silk fabrics is increasing, mini and midi dresses are also coming to the fore in 2021.

Bridal dress with details such as removable skirts, sleeves, collars, and capes can turn into designs that can be worn for weddings, after parties or even special occasions after the wedding. It should be noted that in 2021, bridal dress with capes worn from the shoulder/hanger stand out among these models.

The flamboyant bridal dress models, on the other hand, become even more magnificent with ruffles, layers and puffy shoulders. In particular, the designs that are animated with draped drapes extending up to the shoulder are among the most striking and trendy models of the year.

In the bridal hair and make-up, which complements the bridal dress, the focus is on naturalness! In 2021 bridal hair and make-up trends, we no longer see exaggerated applications very often. Bridal hairstyles that feel like they are made quickly are accompanied by lively and understated make-up applications. Accessories help brides who want splendor.

Cool and Attractive Grooms
We can say that colors, patterns and comfortable designs are dominant in 2021 groom suit fashion. Colorful and sporty designs appear among the latest groom suit models. Suits with blazer jackets offer both elegance and comfort, while all or accessories of colored suit models add vitality to weddings. The classic frock groom suits and tweed suits are among the trendiest options of the year.

Treats Personalized
The shift of wedding concepts to intimate style this year also shows its effect on engagement and wedding cake trends. It allows smaller cakes, such as two-layers, to be among the most trendy models, instead of multi-layered models.
In addition, single, mini wedding and engagement cakes, prepared according to the number of guests, are ideal options for 2021 weddings because they are both hygienic and different.

Rings Are More “Different” Now
Speaking of going out of the ordinary at weddings, we can say that it is time to get used to different models in rings such as wedding rings and solitaires. Black, multi-body, stone wedding rings are one of the most fashionable rings of the season.
In the marriage proposal rings that stand out in 2021, the body draws attention as much as the middle stone. Body detailed, open-ended, thick-bodied solitaire models are now very popular. In addition to these models, the sets designed in the form of intertwining with the wedding ring are among the favorite models of 2021 couples as they are different, stylish and practical.

Weekday and Daily Time Organizations
The interest in weekday and daytime weddings, which started in 2020, takes its place among the trends in 2021 as well. The low number of invitees makes it easier for these organizations to be realized.
The fact that the programs of the venues are more available at these times compared to weekend days and evening hours and offers affordable price options also increases the interest in weekday and daytime weddings.

Rustic wedding decoration in Antalya

Few and Essence
In the 2021 wedding trends, we witness that simple designs are animated with flashy details in every area from wedding dresses to evening dresses, from invitations to cakes. And yet, applications with eye-catching details come to the fore in decoration. Lots of glitter, few but big balloons, big flower decorations…

Eye-Catching Lights
The fairy-tale atmosphere of 2020 weddings continues in 2021. Lighting items such as leds, fancy bulbs, and flowered chandeliers create an impressive ambiance at this year's weddings. Let's not forget that these lightings add a bohemian and romantic atmosphere, especially to outdoor weddings.

Harmony of the Mismatched
Who cares if all chairs and tables are in harmony as organizations that feel intimate and spontaneously organized are growing in popularity?
The harmony created by the coming together of different designs in the 2021 wedding decoration will surprise the guests. Rectangular, round, square tables and different chairs used together in the space promise a pleasant appearance when used correctly.

Eco-Friendly Weddings
Recently, couples are looking for ways to host responsibly. This means reducing waste and trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Wedding venues are getting greener, and couples are opting for more delicate options, such as paper straws over plastic, or offering plantable flowers as wedding gifts.

Vivid and Natural Colors
While green and white weddings remain popular, colors are added to 2021 weddings. In addition to Pantone colors, decor items especially in pastel colors are the savior options this year to create a lively and romantic ambiance.Wedding planner in Turkey

Living Room Comfort
In 2020, living room furniture was frequently preferred, especially for outdoor weddings. This decoration was so loved for its comfort and elegance that it took its place among the 2021 wedding decoration trends.
Regardless of whether it is indoor or outdoor, you can use products such as armchairs, carpets, floor lamps in the wedding venue.

Welcome Boxes
How would you like to get your guests excited from the very first moment? With the welcome boxes that you will have prepared in accordance with your theme, you can present the materials that will remain as a souvenir of this special day to your guests from the beginning of the organization. You can include products such as bells, handkerchiefs and wedding gifts that will add color to the dance in this box.
We touched on the decoration trends that will prevail in 2021 weddings. But did you know that you can get professional help to bring these ideas to life? For this, you can contact our company, Wedding City Antalya, which is an international wedding planner, and you can get a free consultation and turn your dream wedding decoration into reality!

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