Where to Get Health Report for Marriage, Which Tests Are Made

How to Get a Health Report for Official Marriage in Turkey

Where get the medical certificate for the marriage? Which tests are made?

Marriage medical certificate places among the necessary documents for the marriage application. Whether the couple has any obstacle as a disease to get married or not is showed with this certificate. So where get the medical certificate for marriage?

Which tests are necessary for marriage medical certificate? What is the fee? All answers about health report before marriage are in this blog.

Is the medical certificate is have to for marriage processes?
Medical certificate specific to marriage process is one of the necessary documents for formal marriage application according to Turkish Civil Law. Because the health report is done to find out diseases that are infected sexually or not and that spouses don’t aware of.

In addition, a health report is required for procedures in order to determine in advance the infectious diseases that the spouses are carriers of, to take pre-marital precautions for these diseases, if any, and to determine in advance problems such as blood incompatibility between the spouses that will affect their children to be born.
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How to Get a Medical Report for Marriage?
If you are wondering how to get a medical report for marriage, let's explain immediately: Your consultant company, which is a wedding planner, can carry out procedures which are requied from official institution in a healthcare provider. By confirming the results of these examinations to the physician, the physician can get the signed health report on your behalf.

What are the Tests Required for Marriage Health Report?
Among the frequently asked questions about the marriage application is the question of "What to look at in the health report for the wedding".
Blood analysis is usually requested for the marriage health report. Besides determining your blood type in the blood test, it is also checked whether there are diseases such as hepatitis, syphilis and AIDS. Pre-marital blood analysis is significant for couples to take precautions before having a child if they have blood incompatibility.

The Mediterranean anemia test is also among the tests that should be done before getting married. While getting the medical report, the results of the Mediterranean anemia test are also taken into consideration. Some municipalities, on the other hand, are asking for a blood sample for Mediterranean anemia from the couples in addition to the medical report. Mediterranean anemia test is not required from women over the age of 50 and men they will marry.

What Are The Diseases That Barriers To Marriage?official wedding in Antalya Turkey
Infectious diseases that are accepted as an obstacle to marriage according to the legislation; syphilis, gonorrhea, chancroid, leprosy and tuberculosis. A medical report is not issued before the treatment of these diseases takes place. Nowadays, leprosy is not a common ailment. In case of TB disease, the marriage is postponed for 6 months. If appropriate treatment is applied for these diseases and the disease disappears as a result of the treatment, marriage can be made. HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, which are examined in the analyzes, are not counted among the infectious diseases that prevent marriage, but if these diseases are detected, the couples are given counseling and guidance on the possible vaccination program.

What is Blood Conflict in Marriage? Which Blood Groups Cannot Marry?
One of the issues investigated while obtaining a medical report for marriage is blood-blood incompatibility. So is blood incompatibility an obstacle to marriage? For this, let's first explain the blood incompatibility.
The mismatch of mother and father's blood groups can lead to many bad consequences, including diseases such as anemia, heart failure, and death in the womb in the baby to be born.

The blood type we are talking about here is not groups such as A or B, but the Rh value. While the father is Rh (+) and the mother is Rh (-), if the baby is Rh (+), this Rh factor in the baby's blood passes into the mother's blood and the mother's immune system produces substances called antibodies to eliminate the Rh factor.
Rh incompatibility can only be mentioned when the father is positive and the mother is negative. If the father is negative and the mother is positive, the conflict loses its importance.

Let's also say that blood incompatibility is not an obstacle to marriage. However, since it is a situation that couples planning to have children should take precautions before the child is born, a blood incompatibility test is also performed before marriage. Problems that may occur can be prevented by administering anti-D injections to pregnant women whose blood type is Rh (-) and their spouse is Rh (+).

Is Health Report Taken On An Hungry Stomach For Marriage?
Medical report for marriage does not require you to donate blood on an empty stomach

Where to Get Health Report for Marriage?
For those who are wondering which hospitals that issue medical reports for marriage, let's explain immediately: You can have health report examinations done in family medicine, community health centers, state hospitals or private hospitals. However, the approval of the family doctor is required for the health report.

Is Health Report Obtained From the State Hospital for Marriage?
You can apply to the state hospital, health center or family and community health centers to have the necessary examinations. You can also be referred to larger health institutions and state hospitals, as small health centers such as health centers, family and community health centers do not have all equipment. You can have your examinations done in these institutions. However, the family doctor is preparing the report. For this reason, you can get the results of the examinations and go to the family doctor and have the report arranged.

Are There Private Hospitals That Issue Marriage Report?
Private hospitals are preferred by couples who think that they cannot spare time for the necessary examinations for the medical report on weekdays. For this reason, private hospitals that issue medical reports for marriage are one of the most researched topics by couples.

We can say that what we will tell about private hospitals is the same as the procedure applied in public hospitals. You can have your tests done in these institutions, but after you get the results, you need to have your family doctor approved and have the report issued to the family doctor.

What is the Validity Period of the Marriage Health Report?
Like all documents required for the marriage application, the medical report must also have a photo, the validity period is 6 months.

How many days to get a medical certificate for marriage?
The time taken to get the test results varies depending on the health institution you will have these procedures done. If you apply to a private hospital, the necessary tests can be done immediately. In this case, you can get the results even within the same day. In state hospitals, this period can be prolonged due to the intensity.

What is the Health Report Fee for Marriage?
Let's get to the medical certificate fee for the marriage… If you are going to have your tests done in private hospitals, you have to pay the analysis fees determined by these institutions. In state institutions, the marriage medical certificate is given free of charge. For examinations, varying fees from hospital to hospital can be requested.

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