Responsibilities of the International Wedding Planner

What does a Professional International Wedding Planner do

What is Wedding Planner?

Wedding is one of the most important and happiest events in a couple's life. It can also be one of the most stressful days. A wedding planner is the person who helps couples with planning, organizing, and managing their wedding.

Dealing with a wedding planner is like buying peace of mind and it is worth the money to get all the details taken care of

If you are a great listener, have a caring personality and love helping people, wedding planning can be a great career choice for you. Brides and grooms rely on wedding planners to be a calming presence throughout the wedding process while also having a voice of mind.

What does a wedding planner do?
A wedding planner will usually start by meeting the couple for a consultation to understand their needs and wishes. This includes not only the details of the wedding day but other related events (rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, next day brunch, etc.). The planner will also ask what the couple's budget is and based on that, explain what services they can get for that amount. It is important to gain a clear sense and understanding of the couple's taste and overall vision; This is where great listening skills come in.

The wedding planner will present a contract for their couple services and outline in detail what they can get. An experienced wedding planner has a lot of connections in the business world and has successfully organized many previous weddings, so she can knowingly recommend reception venues with excellent views or wedding venues with a great feel and mood. They know what they can achieve with their budget and can introduce the couple to vendors and services that can host a luxurious wedding, or to vendors and services that specialize in catering for small budgets. They can also often get discounts on services that they can pass on to their customers.

Some of the services a wedding planner can provide include:

1- Organizing venue flower designs

2- Arranging the wedding dinner reception menu

3- Preparing wedding invitations

4- Help in choosing bridesmaids' dresses and other wedding outfits

5- Assistance in choosing a wedding dress / groom suit

6- Assistance in collecting wedding giftsWedding planner in Antalya Turkey

7- Help with designing the look and feel of the reception

8- Help with lighting and visual details

9- Help with any details that might have been overlooked.

10- Share general issues and help make joint decisions.

11- Try to be present, if possible, in meetings and negotiations with vendors.

12- Being there for Service Deliveries

13- Coping with unexpected problem

14- Organize the ceremony

15- Preparing timelines (for both wedding and reception)

16- Making sure that the program will not be interrupted at the wedding party, creating a plan B

17- Being sure that the wedding will be held at the right place at the right time

18- Dealing with problematic guests and uninvited wedding guests

19- Make sure that the rented venue is left clean

20-Make sure that the fees of the serving responsible people are paid

21-Make sure any rented or borrowed material is returned

Are you suitable to be a wedding planner?
Wedding planners have different personalities. They tend to be entrepreneurial individuals, which means they are adventurous, ambitious, assertive, extroverted, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, and optimistic. They are dominant, persuasive and motivating.

What is the Wedding Planner working place and conditions?
A wedding planner does not have a typical nine to five work schedule and sometimes needs to work together on days, evenings, and weekends to meet the needs of their clients. Married couples often work throughout the day and therefore want to meet with their planner after work or on the weekends. Since most weddings are Saturdays, during the busy months of the year, a wedding planner must work almost every weekend. Busy months depend on where you live. If you live in the south, the peak months will be spring and autumn when the weather is better. If you live in the north, summer will be the busiest time of the year.

Hard physical work should be expected during the actual wedding day. Wedding planners stand all day long and later into the night (high heels are not recommended). They can be helpful with tablecloths, transport boxes, candle lighting, flower setting or any number of small fire extinguishers and supervising lots of small details; The goal is to ensure that the bride and groom are always happy and that they are unaware of the setbacks. It is very important to manage to keep them from any sorrow on this special day. These services and responsibilities are also mentally and physically tiring work because a wedding planner has to be at the top of her business all day.destination wedding planner in Antalya

Happy Ending and Award is the biggest reward for seeing the work of the team of different professions coming together in harmony like an orchestra, seeing the joy and happiness of the customers and knowing that that day will be remembered for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wedding Planners happy?
Wedding planners are in the 74th percentile of careers in terms of satisfaction scores. Being a wedding planner can be fun and exciting, and seeing months of hard work come together on a perfect wedding day can be extremely rewarding. Working closely with couples getting married on one of the most important days of their lives is also incredibly humble and special. Being invited to industrial parties, attending conferences, visiting beautiful event venues and enjoying the independence of being a self-employed person are certain advantages that make this career enjoyable.

However, besides self-employment it also brings a lot of responsibilities that can affect one's well-being. These responsibilities include weekend and evening work, physical labor, dealing with demanding clients, dealing with stress and maintaining patience, multitasking and organization, negotiation and mediation, and the general complexities of running a business.

Should I be a Wedding Planner?
There is something really special about helping engaged couples plan their dream wedding. Often, however, those who say that they want to be a wedding planner just base their thought on planning their own wedding and see it through pink glasses. They often do not realize the time, effort and organizational skills required to manage multiple weddings at the same time. You are seriously considering pursuing this career. However, if you are not 100% sure that this is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Are you passionate about every aspect of a wedding?
There are many elements that need to come together to make a successful wedding and you need to be interested in all of them. These include venue, food, cake, flowers, being creative, music, DJ, photography, videography, wedding dress, tuxedo, transportation and decoration. Customers can determine if you are really excited about a certain aspect of wedding planning, and this can have a negative impact on your business.

Can you quickly adapt to last minute changes?
No matter how meticulously the wedding plans are prepared, they can go wrong (and often go wrong) and must be dealt with efficiently and calmly. For example, the wedding cake may not be ready to be cut on time, there may be a stain on the bride's wedding dress, and a bridesmaid or groomsman may disappear. These are the types of problems that need to be resolved quickly and with the least fuss and panic. A career as a wedding planner, if you are a person who gets angry easily or tends to give up when things do not go as planned, you should give up the idea of ​​being a wedding planner.Wedding planner in Antalya

He can be gentle and affectionate. But can you be strict when necessary?
Empathizing with your client's needs and parents' needs is key to having a successful wedding planning career. This is a great day not only for the bride and groom, but for the whole family. As wedding planners, you are often a confidant, psychologist, and mediator. However, there are times when situations need to be handled assertively and harshly. A wedding planner should usually take care of the large friends and family of a bride and groom; Two different families may have two completely different views of what a wedding should look like. At the end of the day, it is the wedding planner's duty to ensure that the bride and groom's wishes are met during the planning process and should often intervene on their behalf. Do you have the strength to withstand adverse difficulties and produce solutions? When you push the limits, will you be able to take the pressure and keep your place?

Do you pay close attention to the details?
Having quality is truly the cornerstone of wedding planning. Customers will hire you to attend every minute detail of their wedding day and spot issues before they arise. It would be impossible for someone who naturally did not pay attention to even the smallest details to succeed in this career. Joining the wedding guests, managing the serving team like an orchestra, keeping a timeline and budget, and making sure everything always looks as great as possible is not an easy task.

Do you have excellent organizational skills, creative power?
Let us say you plan eight weddings in a month, and there are at least eight married couples for each wedding; you will need to keep track of all the details of the staff who will serve at this wedding and if you are an entrepreneur, you will need to manage the planning side of things. The paperwork and the number of emails are enormous and tiring for even the most organized person, requiring special skill knowledge and experience.

Are you ready to experience stress to make someone else happy?
This career is much more hands-on than movies that like to animate. Wedding planners spend most of their time pulling boxes, nailing table skirts, arranging flowers, placing a card holder, removing the bride's dress, and basically running through the venue to never-ending, dazzling details. The wedding planners rest at the end of the night with a smile and thanks from the bride, groom, and their family, forgetting all their negativity at the end of the night. Otherwise, they would not be able to withstand such intense stress. When choosing this profession, be sure to listen to your inner voice, can you pull that much back to make someone else happy.

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