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Special wedding at hotels in Antalya

Top wedding venues in Antalya Turkey

It is a privilege to hold wedding ceremony at the Antalya which it is a magnificent wedding city in Mediterranean beaches. In the historical city Antalya,

where 11 civilizations lived, you can make unforgettable weddings in these historical places left from these civilizations. The club Arma restaurant at the marina in the historical castle is the top wedding venue of Antalya.

This place, which is close to the blue waters of the Mediterranean on the cliffs, is home to magnificent weddings.

Club Arma restaurant is the 18-carat diamond ring of Antalya, it is a very special place where young girls are making dream to marry in there. The gulet pirate yachts sailing in front of the Club Arma restaurant, which is on the cliffs, are like pearl necklaces on the Mediterranean.Best Wedding venue in Antalya
At the left side of the club arma restaurant is the historical castle with its 17th century architecture and the historical marina, and at the right of it is the Toros mountains. As the sun sets over the Taurus mountains in the Mediterranean, the sea and the sky are like a piece of flame. So, because of this, it is a privilege to have a wedding in club Arma restaurant.


These are the best hours of the day, the wedding pictures taken at that moment are unique frames.
You can experience this special moment in club Arma restaurant. A place with a special view will add a special meaning to your wedding…

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You do not know where to start to describe the top wedding hotel Gloria Golf hotel in Antalya, Belek…. If anybody ask me where the paradise in the world is, I will name the Gloria Golf wedding hotel in Antalya without hesitation.

The garden designed with colourful flowers in a green forest, the blue clear waters of the Mediterranean and the beach like silk make people happy, even in dream. But it is not over, there is a great river along the coast. Nature gave everything perfect to this hotel without sparing, indeed it was very comforting.
With its special wedding venues, our wedding groups from all over the world are amazed by the beauty this hotel. Gloria Golf Hotel's Turkish cuisine and world cuisine makes our wedding groups happy. Providing service with its happy-faced and experienced staff, gloria golf hotel is a perfect wedding hotel.

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C-H kaleici marina restaurant, the most special mansion of the historical castle, which has been preserved since the 17th century, is the most important and top wedding place of this historical atmosphere. The terrace of this historical mansion is a magnificent wedding venue surrounded by historical walls.
This terrace, which can host 30 guests, has a view of the marina and the Toros Mountains, in the evening. The daytime view of this terrace is like an oil painting. Watching the sunset over the Mediterranean and Toros mountains will give you the opportunity to take very special wedding pictures, we have no doubt ... but your wedding guests will be incredibly impressed by this view.

Top wedding venues in Turkey

The pleasant moments are not over with this unique view that you live at sunset ...

As the sun sets over the Toros mountains, the red starts to turn into twilight in the following hours, and just above the Toros mountains, the shepherd star takes its place in the darkness over the mountains with great splendour, enlightening the inside of the human being.
As the pirate gullet yachts on the beach enter and exit the harbour, their lights dance colourfully on the sea… it is not over…!

It is moon`s turn….

It rises above the Toros Mountains with great magnificence. Ritual in the sky, watching the light on the sea sometimes takes you away from weddings.

you do not only have a wedding in Antalya, but you also live the Mediterranean, the historical magnificent nature, the remained part of civilization, the sunset, the shepherd star on the Toros, the sparkle over the Mediterranean, the gullible face of the guest Turkish people, you will live a life full of memories.
To have a special wedding, you must first choose a top wedding venue…

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