Choosing The Best Wedding Dress According To Your Body

Choosing The Best Wedding Dress According To Your Body


Let us start the bridal dress with the classic white color. In ancient times, it symbolized wealth as it was a color that got dirty very quickly and had to be washed frequently.

For this reason, white clothes that could not be worn daily were preferred on special occasions such as marriages. This has made it a tradition to choose white bridal dresses worn at weddings. Although snow white is a classic as a wedding dress color, we can see that models in different shades of white are among the trendiest wedding dresses of recent years.

Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

More creamy tons of white will be a better choice for many brides-to-be. It warms and softens your ivory skin color and provides a much better appearance, especially for pale-skinned brides-to-be.

It has many different shades, such as ivory. Some of these are quite close to yellow. That is why you can try a lot of wedding dresses in different tones and try to find the tone that suits you best.

Cream Bridesmaid Dresses

Cream colored wedding dresses, which are preferred by brides who like romantic and nostalgic designs, are becoming more popular day by day. Let's also say that these designs, which are ideal for weddings to be held in flashy areas such as historical places and hotels, are suitable for brides whose skin color is not too light or too dark.

Champagne Color Wedding Dress

These colors, also called champagne or candlelight, are usually creamier tones than ivory. Even beige tones can be found in line with the designer's taste. If you look better in gold than in gray, you probably have a warm skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone, champagne will be the right choice.

Light Pink Wedding Dress20-A

Although it varies according to the designer's preference, you can come across wedding dresses in a scale ranging from very pale pink mixed with white to pale pink. Although there is a scale that suits almost every skin color, you should try to find the tone that suits you best by trying models in alternative tones.

We have included details about wedding dress colors. It's time to find the wedding dress that will reflect your style. For this, you can browse the designs of wedding dress companies in Antalya from their websites on the Internet, we can make an appointment for you by contacting the companies that interest you. When you come to Antalya for your wedding, our international wedding planner can help you.

What are Wedding Dress Waist Cuts?

In addition to details such as skirts or collars, the waist is a very important issue that you should pay attention to in order to create a balanced silhouette. The waistline of the wedding dress is responsible for adding shape and balance to your look. There are 6 types of bridal waist cuts.

Let us take a look at the details of these waist cuts and their features.

Natural Waist Wedding Dress Models

The natural waistline, also called "Natural Waist", is where the seam of the waistline defines the separation between the rib cage and the hips. It is the most popular waist type for wedding dresses. Ideal for all body types.

Low Waist Prom Dresses

Low-waist designs hug your waist and upper thighs tightly. It opens from the widest part of the hip. Let's also mention that this model, which we recommend especially to bride candidates with narrow hips, will help to reveal the thinness of the waist.

Asymmetric Waist Wedding Dress Models

These are the models where the waistline starts from the normal waistline and slopes downwards. The position of the waist and the verticality of the asymmetrical waist may vary according to the design. We do not recommend this model to brides who have excess belly button because it covers the waist area. Brides with a slim upper body can choose wedding dresses with this waist cut.

50Robe Waist Wedding Dress Models

The waist of the wedding dresses with an empire waist cut, also called a yoke, is cut under the bust, not at the waistline. They are usually draped designs, but it is possible to say that body-hugging options have become popular in recent years.

Let us not go without saying that bridal gowns with robe are especially suitable for brides who want to make their legs look longer.

Basque Waist Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses in this cut have a V-shaped fold-down waist design. If your shoulders are narrow, this model will make them look even narrower. With this waist cut that we recommend for hourglass, inverted triangle and rectangular body types, you can make your upper body look longer than it is and create the illusion of a curved waist.

Inverted Basque Waist Wedding Dresses

This waist cut features an upturned V-shaped design. Unlike the Basque waist, it makes the legs look longer than they actually are, not the torso. Since it especially emphasizes the upper body, these designs can be preferred by brides with thin upper body and no excess in the chest, waist, and belly areas.

We talked about wedding dress waist cuts... Now you know how to choose a wedding dress. Now it is time to find the right wedding dress for you.

We have prepared an article to help you plan your wedding day with all the details from A to Z. What should you do on the morning of the wedding? How should the flow in the wedding organization be? What to do on the wedding night? Every detail you need to pay attention to for that big day is in this article!

We know that you have been preparing for this day for months but remember this: Your wedding is not a test! We do not want you to be a stressed-out bride on your wedding day. For this reason, we have prepared a "bride's wedding day list" that will allow you to act in a planned and scheduled manner and help you remember what you need to do.

It will make your job easier to determine what you need to do and when. The night before the wedding day, you may have made your first plan for the wedding day by preparing a bridal emergency bag in case of mishaps you may encounter during the wedding. It is also important to accompany you with a cool and practical bridesmaid who will be with you all day.

Let's get to the things to do on the wedding day:

Wedding Morning Things to Do

Considering that you have to start the day early and you will have a tiring day, it is important that you get your sleep on theDMC_0872 wedding day. After going to bed early, you can start your day by waking up early again. Then what? Here's what to do on the morning of the wedding:

  • Of course, the first thing you should do is start the day with a breakfast prepared in a way that will keep you fit after a good night's sleep.
  • After breakfast, you can use the masks and creams you always use to prepare your skin for the day. Let us also emphasize that you should not try a new product because you do not know what you will encounter.
  • After the preparing procedures, you can take a warm shower before the time you make an appointment for the hairdresser.
  • Now it's time to get ready to go to the hairdresser for the wedding.

It is a good idea to make a list of the items you will take with you the day before. Like:

  • Your wedding dress that you will wear after the hairdresser preparation.
  • Underwear to wear under your wedding dress.
  • Bride shoes
  • Your bridal tiara and veil or other hair accessories if you are going to use it.
  • Accessories and jewellery that you will use with your wedding dress.

Don't forget to wear comfortable clothes when you go to the hairdresser. A garment that you will have trouble removing after your hair and make-up is done will put you under a lot of stress. It is especially beneficial to wear a shirt or a blouse with a wide collar that you can easily remove, instead of a crewneck T-shirt. If you are going to have your make-up done after wearing the wedding dress, don't forget to wear a protective apron!

Wedding Day To-Dos and Wedding Flow Plan

It's time to do the things to do on the wedding day “What to do on the wedding day?” We will give you the answer to the question with a table, because from the moment you wake up, you will race against time and be in a hurry to prepare.

To help you plan your time, we have listed the wedding day program flow, taking into account how long each item will take. As an example, we have prepared a program for a wedding that will start at 19.30, in which we describe the process from morning hours to the end of the night. You can set this program according to your own wedding time.

“What is done at weddings?”, “How should the wedding flow be from the morning hours?” If you are wondering, here is a short list of wedding days:

Hour Things To Do
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Hairdresser
13:00 Dressing up & Finishing Touches
13:50 First Meeting with the Groom
14:00 Going Home in Bridal Car
14:30 Leaving the House and Receiving the Bridal Ceremony
15:00 Wedding Photoshoot
18:00 Getting to the Wedding Venue and Resting
19:00 Final Checks on The Wedding Flow
19:30 Wedding Start and Ceremony
19:40 Couple's First Dance
20:00 Food Service And Jewellery Ceremony
21:00 Music and Entertainment
21:30 Cake Cutting
21:40 Music and Entertainment
23:20 Flower Throwing Ceremony
23:30 Photoshoot with Families
00:00 End of Wedding, Back to Home/Hotel

The time flow on the wedding day is generally like this. However, we have a few suggestions about what we should pay attention to in this process:

  • You should especially ask the make-up artist for make-up materials to be water-resistant. Thus, you will be relieved toDSC_0341
  • guarantee that your make-up will not flow.
  • It is useful to have make-up materials and a spare shoe with you during the pre-wedding photoshoot.
  • For all the necessary things, we recommend that you act by considering the physical characteristics of the place to shoot.
  • Do not worry about the bridal car decoration.
  • Because this is among the things the groom should do on the wedding day. Because while you are at the hairdresser, the groom and the groom will decorate the bride's car and come to pick you up from the hairdresser.
  • The most important thing you need to pay attention to on the wedding day is not to go hungry because you will consume a lot of energy. Check out snacks whenever you can!
  • Herbal teas can be the savior of the day to beat the wedding excitement. In this regard, we can especially recommend lemon balm and sage. But it is also beneficial to avoid excessive fluid consumption throughout the day. Going to the toilet in a wedding dress can make it difficult for you.
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