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The first requirement for flawless skin is that the pores never appear and the skin looks smooth and spotless. This is the property of porcelain skin. To achieve such a complexion, of course, you have the 2 most important cosmetic materials: Foundation and make-up base.

These two are the most important among the materials needed to make porcelain make-up. The other products required are complementary.

Which make-up materials are made of porcelain make-up?

As for porcelain make up, you can choose from a variety of brands. These may also known as make up sets in some of the beauty centers. You can also get information from the experts in such centers.

But we will be talking about how you can get a porcelain-like skin with Nars make up products.

Porcelain Skin Makeup With Nars

How can you make Japaneese dry make up which also inspires Philip Lim models?

The make-ups in Philip Lim’s fashion week were done with Nars‘ products. You can have the same make up with the same products.

The make-up’s inspiration was Japaneese women’s porcelain-like skin: Perfected to make eyes and eyebrows appear!

Dry and Smooth Skin Make-Up

IMG_7741Brightening Moisturizer Apply Nars Luminous Moisturize Cream to your skin. This moisturizer will intensely provide moisture and will renew the skin and give a natural brightness. This brightening moisturizer will renew the youth light of the skin and reflect the light like a prism with NARS’s special Light Reflecting Complex™ technology.

Illuminating Eye Cream

Apply Nars Total Replenishing Eye Creamaround your eyes.

This Cream will be emitted by your skin to cover thin lines, wrinkles and bruises. This cream also contains Light Reflecting Complex™ so eye area is cleansed and will look bright. This is why it is ideal as a make-up.

Velvety finish tinted moisturizer

The next product is Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint SPF30. Apply the product to your skin. This is an oil-free, flawless and soft-matte finish giving moisturizer. It controls brightness and lubrication up to 8 hours while giving a natural, velvety looking. It’s the perfect product for a dry skin make-up! Fixes the flaws, equalizes the skin tone, smoothens the thin lines.

Use your fingers while applying Velvet Matte Skin Tint. Firstly, pour a small portion to your hands. Then, start from the center of your face and start spreading it through your cheeks.

Natural Stick Concealer

If there are spots on your skin you want to cover, use Nars Stick Concealer. This concealer hides dark spots and skin flaws with its creamy formula and stays on for a long period of time. It is enriched with moisturizing E vitamins so, your skin never gets dry. You can apply this product on multiple layers so you can decide how much you want to conceal. You can use this product around your eyes and on your face.

Fixing Your Make-up via Transparent Powder

Lastly, you should fix your skin make-up. Renkli nemlendiricinizin üzerine transparan pudra uygulayarak makyajınızı sabitleyebilirsiniz. You can fix our make-up by applying transparent powder on top of your colored moisturizer. For this, we recommend you to use Nars Soft Velvet Loose Powder. This powder, thanks to its extremely tiny structure, creates a velvet-like layer on your skin.


In order to add a very light, natural color on your cheeks and bring out your cheekbones, you can gently contour. For this,_MG_6796 use bronzer. Nars Contour Blush's Paloma color (vanilla-peachy bronze) adds depth and natural colors to the face and brings out your face’s little details.

While the dark colors of the Palette brings out the details, light colors will illuminate. With the help of Nars Contour Brush #21, apply the dark colors to the cheek pits level. UseNars Blush Brush #20 to go through dark color. Apply the light color in a way that feels like you’re dusting off the dark color so you can add depth to your face and make your facial lines look thinner.


To make your eyes look more dramatic, use Nars Minorque Kohliner’s elevated eyeliner stick. With this black eyeliner stick, draw a line that gets thicker on the outer corners of your eyes and thin lines on the inner corners.


In order to make your eyebrows look smooth and shapely, you should consider using a velvet-like eyebrow pencil. Nars Brow Perfectoris an elevated eyebrow pencil that is used to give soft and natural look. With little touches, follow the natural growing path of your eyebrows. Start from the inner side with light touches and intensify as you com to the middle. After the eyebrow arch, start smoothing for the perfectly highlighted eyebrows.

How to apply Porcelain Makeup and Which Ingredients are used?Porcelain Make-Up Ingredients and How It’s Done For Those Who Want to Look Flawless Like a Baby

Porcelain make-up is make-up that makes our skin look flawless. However, it is necessary to choose and use the right materials for this. Undoubtedly, porcelain make-up is the first make-up that comes to mind when it comes to a skin that looks like a perfect make-up doll. Now let's take a look at what you wonder about porcelain make-up materials and make-up...

Porcelain make-up

Sir Wax: In order for your skin to look flawless, the face is prepared with sir wax for make-up. Especially on the forehead, cheeks and mustache, even fine yellow hairs should be removed. Otherwise, it will cause lumps and air pockets with the underlying hair. This prevents the appearance of porcelain. Eyebrows should be properly picked and shaped.

Foundation Base: A base is applied under the foundation to increase the permanence of the skin make-up and take the smoothness one step further.

Foundation: The basis of porcelain makeup is based on liquid foundation. But with the development of technology, even powder mineral foundations have begun to be used in porcelain make-up. Being perfectly compatible with your skin will eliminate the risk. Foundation should also be applied to the back of the ears and neck décolleté.

Concealer: If the foundation is not enough to cover your skin imperfections, concealer is applied to the areas of the face where it is needed. Your skin is probably flawless now.

Semi-Transparent Powder: Matte and semi-transparent powder is used to fix the skin make-up and maintain its naturalness. Powders containing shine can make your skin oily. The fact that the powder is mineralized makes it easier to reflect light.

Blush: When the skin is so flawless, _MG_3110blush should not be overdone. Very light blushes will make your face livelier. Try not to shy away from peach and pink so that your cheeks look natural.

Headlight Base: Headlight base is used for the permanence of your eye makeup.

Eyes: Eyes remain in the background in porcelain make-up. That's why eye makeup is so important. Light-colored headlights are applied to colored eyes, and dark-colored eye makeup is applied to brown and black eyes. For eyelashes, of course, false eyelashes and a deep black mascara are used.

Lips: You are completely free in your lip color. You can decide whether it is colored, light, dark or nude according to your eye makeup.

Make-up Fixer: As a final touch, a fixative spray is sprayed over your entire make-up.

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