Can Offer You Interesting Country Wedding Offers In Antalya

Can Offer You Themed Country Wedding Venues In Antalya, Turkey


Country wedding decorations that will amaze everyone in 6 easy steps

It is in the details that the most special and happiest day of your life is perfect and excellent just as you want it to be. If you have decided to have a country wedding,

it is very important to choose the venue suitable for your concept and in this selection, garden decoration, orchestra, location, wedding theme, invitation selection, wedding gifts, lighting, food, tablecloth, candle holders, table arrangement, numerators, chair decoration, cake, flowers etc. All details should reflect your wedding concept and theme.

One of the trend weddings that have left their mark in recent years is undoubtedly country weddings. The concepts of them are especially preferred by couples who want to get married in nature, among flowers and greenery. The most correct answer to the question of which months the country wedding is organized will of course be spring and summer months. If you ask if there will be a country wedding in October, our answer will be yes for our regions with a warmer climate. Let's take a look at the must-haves, which have a fairy-tale atmosphere and are quite romantic weddings.
Although the main theme of country weddings is outdoors in greenery, different decorations and different country wedding concepts and decors can be created. A very stylish and romantic atmosphere can be created on the lawn, as well as more bohemian, vintage themes. Of course, first of all, you need to start by finding the most suitable place for you according to the season of the event. Then it comes to finding bridal combinations suitable for a country wedding.İNG

Country wedding venues will offer you different decor alternatives, decorations and table arrangements. Lighting or lighting decorations for wedding is one of the details that make the decor perfect, and it must be left to expert hands. One of the things that should not be forgotten is that the most important criterion for creating a magical atmosphere will be the alternatives of tree decoration.

  1. Decide What You Must Have at Your Country Wedding

After you find the venue you want, you need to determine the criteria that you consider indispensable for your special day. The decor to be made in accordance with your concept, the seating arrangement of the guests during the civil marriage, and the menu to be created if it is an invitation with dinner should be created in a way that suits everyone's taste.
If the country wedding will be in cocktail style, it is possible to ensure that the venue of your wedding is in perfect beauty and order with many details such as the placement and decoration of the bistros. In addition, live music or DJ performances that will provide you and your guests with pleasant moments can be among your options.

  1. What are the Must-haves of Ideal Country Wedding Venues?

What is your expectation form the country wedding venue? Your guests will start the night with pleasure if transportation easily of your guests to the venues, car park, and valet services. The well-kept natural greenery of the place, that is, the landscape, is one of the most important criteria for choosing a venue. Top of criteria that you pay attention while choosing the venue are quality and services as treats will be given by the venue, waiter, photo shoot. Answers of the questions can vary according to how much the price of it and will it cost?

  1. Be Sure That Everything You Want is Include Your Countryside Wedding Offer

Country wedding prices, which differ according to the service provided and your demands, can appeal to different budgets. As a result of the agreement you have made with a venue, you should make sure that all your requests are included in the price. All Decoration details, such as a country wedding bridal table or a souvenir corner, should be complete. While the preparations are being made, you can ask a relative to find a venue, and you can make sure that everything is done exactly as you want.

  1. Must-Have Countryside Wedding Lighting

One of the things that flourish the wedding decoration in the countryside wedding will be the lighting, lamps. If you wish, you can create the lighting carnival with thousands tiny bulbs or fairy tale atmosphere with decorating lighting with lamps and lantern from the tree to tree.Untitled-1

  1. Romantic and Dazzling Country Wedding Tree Decorations

Another element that brings romance to the highest level and creates a fairy-tale atmosphere in your special day will be magnificent tree decoration alternatives. You can decorate the trees with flowers, pendant candlesticks and floods of light.

  1. Country Wedding Invitation Models and Gifts Compatible with the Season and Concept

Another detail that suits the country weddings very much is compatible invitation models and gifts. Succulents in tiny vases inspired by nature, suitable for country weddings, will be a memory that everyone will take home with love. Country wedding lavender sachets are also among the most beautiful country wedding gifts with their beautiful scents.

  1. Country Wedding Bridal Table Must-Haves

One of the most important details is table decoration. It will be a very elegant detail to write the names of the guests according to the seating arrangement of the guests on the tables decorated with flowers, candlesticks and candles. Another important issue will be the decoration of the bridal table, where the bride and groom, the protagonists of the night, will sit. It should be decorated differently from the guest tables and harmonious colors should be preferred. A flamboyant flower arrangement, candles and candelabra are among the must-haves for the bridal table.

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