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New Wedding Decoration Trends in 2022

The main focus of weddings in 2022 is intimacy and entertainment! Carpets, armchairs, pour out to gardens, every corner of the venues are reserved for entertainment.

Environmentally friendly details are also a point of interest this year.

Here are the wedding organization trends of 2022!

Micro Weddings

The trend of simplicity came to the fore in wedding trends in the past years, it shows its effects in organizations and claims its place among boutique and sincere wedding trends. These are fun and sincere weddings where number of guests are few and only close relatives are invited. It was the choice of the majority of couples in 2021, and it’s still a solid option in 2022.

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Multi-Day Organizations

What would you say to spread your wedding over a few days? While everyone is on vacation with you, you might get the chance to plan out the events before and after your wedding. This way, you’ll allow your guests not only to celebreate your wedding, but you’ll also have the opportunity to create extra memories with them in a 3-days weekend vacation experience.

Vintage Decoration Items

We see a serious influence of Bridgerton, one of the popular TV series set in the "Regency period", which meets the pre-Victorian era, on wedding trends. While the wedding dress and evening dress trends of the year are inspired by the magnificent and feminine clothes of the period, wedding decoration trends are also affected by this trend.

Of course, the flashy elements of the period join the 2022 wedding trends with the "cottage core", the popular decoration trend of recent years, with a country style effect. Tasseled velvet armchairs, gold ornaments and tables with carved legs add both a nostalgic atmosphere and elegance to weddings.

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The year 2021, when minimalism reaches its highest level, maintains its stability in weddings as well! 2021 trends, where many details take on a new dimension, from flowers to lighting, which are indispensable for the wedding, are full of eco-friendly trends with simplicity at the forefront. Here are the exciting 2022 weddings’ trends that will inspire 2022 couples!

Themed cocktail stands are the main trend of 2022 weddings!

This self-service 2022 trend makes serving, an indispensable part of weddings, remain in the background and creates a very fun and stylish look. Exclusive sauces, cocktail drinks and mini snacks takes place in special stands. Perhaps an ice-cream stand, maybe some lemonade and a cake… It’s all up to your imagination!

From Traditional, Magnificent Weddings to Shabby and Modest Weddings…

It’s safe to say that we will be seeing a lot of simple and modest organization in 2022 due to Covid outbreak. Instead of glamorous wedding with hundreds of guests, minimalist weddings with very few amount of invitees are going to be the very first alternative for the couples! Such intimate celebrations will be among the 2022 trends, and wedding dinners will become very popular at occasions like this one with a small guest list.

Great Wedding Hall Decors are Still Among the 2022 Wedding Trends

The most obvious trend for wedding halls this year is magnificent decorations! Giant vases, flamboyant chairs or charming table accessories are among the inevitable options for 2021 weddings! Of course, the year 2022, in which the minimal appearance blends with them, will be a year where we will see the magnificence and simplicity in weddings.

Large Bridal Bouquets Accompanying Large Decors

Bridal flowers, one of the sine qua non of the bridal look, will appear in a minimal size in 2022. Bridal bouquets in very plain and pastel tones, which are compatible with 2022 wedding dress trends.

Another 2022 Trend: Symmetry of Lighting

In another 2022 trend, fascinating symmetrical wedding lightings will be carefully prepared and, will give you a visual feast, regardless of the indoor or outdoor hall. This well-lit 2022 trend, where evening weddings will have a perfect atmosphere, will perhaps be the masterpiece of the wedding of your dreams.

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Different Alternatives for the Wedding Cake

The 2022 weddings, where the traditional layered wedding cake will be replaced by completely different dessert alternatives, turn into a feast of taste. This trend, which appeals to both the palate and the eye, will be a very exciting detail especially for your little guests.

Special Photo Shooting Areas will carry 2022 Weddings Straight to the Social Media

It would be impossible for social media to affect a special day like this. Especially when the fact that how it played a huge role in our lives in the previous year is considered. Special areas with interesting concepts in the wedding venue will make excellent social media posts and help your guests have an unforgettable day in their lives.

2022 couples who like to bring their own thoughts to the fore and reflect their creativity and special ideas on their weddings will have the opportunity to do so and the atmosphere of their dreams with these brand new different 2022 trends.

In this article, we covered the organization trends that will dominate the 2022 weddings. You can get free consultation from our company Wedding City Antalya located in Antalya, Turkey for professional help to bring your ideas to life.

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