Romantic Civil Marriage Ceremony in Antalya Beach

Civil Marriage at Historical Kaleici in Antalya

Civil Wedding Ceremony of Ekaterina & Christopher in Antalya

People living in different countries may meet during a vacation and merge their lives together. I certainly believe that there is such thing as “destiny”. Ekaterina is from Russia and Christopher is from Canada and they have went to Cuba for a vacation where they found their soul twins and decided to marry.

This full-of-life couple have reached out to us online and they asked us to seal their union with a civil marriage in Antalya.

The wedding held at historical Kaleiçi in Antalya was unbelievably fun… Christopher sang and Ekaterina accompanied by dancing with her elegance… And of course, the guests accompanied the couple by dancing in those special hours.

Ekaterina and Christopher are by far the most cheerful and jesting couple I have met. They fit together very well. I and my crew are very happy to know you.

Dear Ekaterina and Christopher, we wish you a very happy and healthy life with your baby to be born…