Darko & Maja Marriage Proposal In Antalya

marriage proposal of Darko & Maja in Antalya Turkey

Marriage Proposal in Antalya Turkey

Dear Darko has called our company which is an international wedding planner in Antalya for making special wedding proposal to lovely Maja. He shared his dreams with us.
Dear Darko made wedding proposal to lovely Maja in Kaleici which we have been managing to protect from 17th century. The marriage proposal ceremony which held in the Terrace of historical mansion Marina restaurant in Kaleici Antalya has surprised lovely Maja and affected her so much.

We think that the view of marina from the historical wall of the terrace and the sunset, kept unforgettable moment alive for lovely Darko and Maja.

The atmosphere of historical place, special decoration related to place, red roses, fireworks and gathered all the beautifulness for marriage proposal for them and we prepared an unforgettable night for years for them.

We wish happiness to Lovely Darko and Maja for all along the life.