Romantic British Wedding in Antalya Side Jacaranda Hotel


Civil Marriage on the beach of Antalya side Jacaranda hotel

Romantic moments were experienced at the wedding ceremony on the beach of Tui Magic Life Club Jacaranda Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels in the historical city of Side.

The decorations of the wedding ceremony held in the green area with a sea view on the beach gave the guests the breeze of spring.

Wedding jewellery was arranged with vibrantly coloured roses, the decoration made in the green area warmed the heart. Pauline and Rico were a very lively and cheerful couple. They fit so well into this beautiful spring-inspired wedding decoration that their photos look like an oil painting.

We turned the tables into a flower garden with live roses in the decoration of the à la carte, which we prepared for the evening wedding dinner. The sparkles of the candles in the glasses transformed the place into a romantic magical atmosphere.

Of course, most importantly, this romantic atmosphere was overshadowed by Pauline and Rico's magnificent wedding dances...

They were so beautiful while doing their wedding dance that we were swept up in them like a fairy tale princess and prince...