Roman & Malika Kazakh Wedding in Turkey Antalya

Roman & Malika Kazakh Wedding in Turkey Antalya

kazakh wedding in turkey antalya

As an International Wedding Planner in Antalya, our company Wedding City Antalya is able to organise Traditional Kazakh Weddings in Turkey Antalya. Wedding City Antalya may organise all type of wedding in Turkey – Antalya. Also, our company has wide knowledge and experience to organise traditional, symbolic and formal weddings. Traditional Kazakh Weddings in Turkey are very important to us. We know al the all feature about tradition.

We have organized Roman & Malika Kazakh wedding in Turkey Antalya at one of the best wedding hotels which called Limak Lara Deluxe. We have prepared a beach wedding ceremony and also a beach wedding dinner reception with special decorations. It was totally a traditional Kazakh wedding in Antalya with a traditional ceremony, abundance bread ceremony and special Kazakh games on the beach.

We made a special city tour for the wedding couple before the wedding ceremony started.

We have decorated a special Altar with bamboos for the Kazakh beach wedding ceremony in Antalya. The couple went to the Düden Waterfalls before the wedding ceremony and we took special pictures and videos. After the city tour, the couple arrived hotel and bridal make-up, hair-dressing just started. After all the bridal preparations are done, the couple arrived at the wedding venue on the beach. They said '' YES '' to each other in front of their wedding guests who were their families and close friends.

After the Kazakh wedding ceremony, we took special wedding pictures and videos of the couple on the beach and at the special places of the hotel.

Also, the Kazakh wedding dinner reception venue is prepared on the beach with special bamboo decorations and torches surrounding the wedding dinner table.

After the wedding dinner, the traditional Kazakh wedding ceremonies made by the couple and families. Especially bread - abundance ceremony is made by the couple as a Kazakh wedding tradition. Also, special wedding games and ceremonies are made by the couple. It was all fun and unforgettable moments for the couple and wedding guests.

All these special moments were recorded by our professional wedding photographer and videographers for the whole day.

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