Scottish Civil Marriage Ceremony At Hotel Beach In Antalya

beach wedding in Antalya

We prepared very special wedding decorations for the Russian and Scottish civil marriage at hotel beach in Antalya.

An Altar and wedding table were set up carefully, white wooden chairs were adorned and the bridal walkway was designed with flowers for the marriage ceremony at the terrace next to seaside of the Limak Lara Hotel.

Civil marriage ceremony at the beach excited all the guests.

Amazing wedding image photos were taken at the hotel beach.

The wedding ceremony at the A la Carte was very entertaining. Incredible traditional Russian and traditional Scottish wedding dances were performed.

Wedding venue decors were set up carefully with pastel colors. Candy bar was the most interesting corner of the wedding venue which was turned into a flower garden. Colorful candies, chocolates, different kind of desserts and of course elegant decoration was made the candy bar the special corner of the night.