Valeriy & Svetlana Kazakh Wedding in Turkey Antalya

kazakh beach wedding in Antalya

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Valeriy & Svetlana Kazakh Wedding In Turkey-Antalya was organized at one of our wedding partner hotel in Antalya which is Spice Hotel Spa in Belek. The Kazakh wedding ceremony was held on the beach for 120 wedding guests. After the beach wedding ceremony, a wedding dinner reception is organized at the ballroom of the Spice Hotel & Spa. Special Kazakh wedding traditions and dances made the wedding day remarkable.

A magnificent wedding ceremony on the beach is decorated with white chairs and blue cubes on the ground with fresh flowers inside. All the chairs on the beach are placed to make in the shape of a semilunar. When the ceremony started, all the guests were able to see every moment clearly.

Their wedding ceremony was performed by a professional announcer came from Kazakhstan. They said '' YES '' to each other by looking into their eyes when the wedding guests were applauding them laud.

After the wedding ceremony, our professional photographer and videographer took professional shootings of the wedding couple. Also, all the ceremony is taken aerial shooting by a drone.

Before the wedding dinner reception started, the wedding couple has arrived at the pier of the hotel by boat. They walk the aisle accompanied by fireworks which were placed on the pier. They were walking under the light coming from the down.

After the fireworks on the pier, the couple has arrived at the ballroom of the hotel for the wedding dinner reception. They enjoyed all night with their family and wedding guests. Even bridesmaid made a special dance for the couple. Also, they played some games to make fun for the wedding.

When the time came, the couple had their wedding dance right after the cake ceremony. All the romantic moments were recording video to remind to the couple after years how beautiful they were.

After the wedding dinner reception, most of the guests and wedding couple went outside and they all jumped to the pool. It was the last moment of the wedding which we could make video records.

Valeriy & Svetlana celebrated their Kazakh Wedding Ceremony with Wedding City Antalya privileges. Even after years, when they watch their wedding video, they will remember their wedding day like it was yesterday.

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