Taj & Alexander Norwegian Wedding in Turkey Antalya

Taj & Alexander Norwegian Wedding in Turkey Antalya

Wedding In The aquarium

Taj & Alexander Norwegian Wedding in Turkey Antalya was organized by Wedding City Antalya in different wedding venues with different concepts. Their symbolic wedding ceremony in Antalya was held in a historic restaurant in Oldtown called Kaleiçi with a magnificent harbour view. The day after we made a special wedding trip to the Antalya aquarium with the biggest tunnel in the world. We organized one more symbolic ceremony in a cave in the aquarium with a sunken ship view. The ceremony was in a pirate concept and wedding couple & guests dressed accordingly. After the aquarium trip, we went to the dolphin show and the bride swam with dolphins with the wedding dress.

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Firstly, we have prepared the terrace of the restaurant in Oldtown for the symbolic wedding ceremony in Antalya. We decorated the venues with Altar and decorated white chairs for the wedding guests. When the time came for the ceremony, they said '' YES ' in front of the guests as wedding witnesses. Then they all together made CHEERS with a great view of the harbour of the Oldtown. After the ceremony, they made a small but romantic wedding dance with a violin.

The day after the wedding ceremony, we scheduled a wedding trip programme for the wedding group. First, we went to the Antalya Aquarium where you can visit the biggest tunnel in the world. We have prepared a ceremony area in the cave where is built with a sunken ship concept. It was a pirate concept wedding ceremony and everyone was dressed like a pirate. They were happiest and most cheers pirates in the world. They said one more time '' YES '' to each other as a dressed pirate. After the ceremony, the wedding group made a tour inside of the aquarium. They even got the chance to see sharks.

After the aquarium, we changed to location into Dolphin show where you can watch them making people happy. After the show, the bride got into the pool to swim with dolphins with the wedding dress. The ride was happy as much as the dolphins were.

Taj & Alexander had their Norwegian wedding in Turkey Antalya with the special services of a professional wedding planner in Antalya.