Special Wedding Ceremonies in Antalya Hotel Beach

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British Wedding in Antalya

We had dear Jadine and Antony's religious wedding on the terrace of Limak Lara Hotels by the sea. Wedding ceremonies on the Mediterranean coast are romantic and fun.

Jadine and Antony's family and friends were incredibly cheerful and colourful people. We had a very special day together with them.

We prepared with great care for the wedding ceremony, which took place in the A La Carte restaurant of the Limak Lara hotel. The result was really excellent.

The wedding venue had a breathtaking view with fresh floral designs and candles in glass goblets. Such special images, obtained as a result of long hard work, make married couples very happy.

Dear Jadine, Antony and their friends did justice to this beautiful decoration, they had fun like crazy.

The dance floor was really a riot of colour. The people dancing in colorful lively clothes were as colorful as the rainbow after the rain. We prepared an enthusiastic cake-cutting ceremony in the finale of this beautiful entertainment. The 15 volcano shows around the cake cart thrilled everyone. Screams, dances, colourful people, an amazing wedding finale. We all had incredible fun together.

We are glad to know you Nice people…


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