Katharina & Ömer Swiss Wedding Ceremony in Antalya Turkey

Swiss Wedding Ceremony in Antalya Turkey

Ömer – Katharina Swiss Wedding Ceremony in Antalya Turkey

As an International wedding planner in Antalya, We have recently organized Ömer & Katharina Swiss Wedding Ceremony in Antalya Turkey. The wedding ceremony was held at one of our best wedding hotel Gloria Serenity Resort Hotel in Antalya Belek. It was a 25th-year-anniversary wedding celebration and it was really important for the wedding couple. We have prepared both a wedding ceremony and wedding dinner reception for the couple.

We have prepared the pier for the wedding ceremony in Antalya. The place was located next to the river with a great view. Special wedding decoration was made with flowers and wedding accessories. An altar set up for the ceremony and it is decorated with special flowers and accessories.

The wedding venue was just amazing with decorations and flowers with a great view of the river. Also, bistro tables set for drinks served to the guests.

Also, trio live music with accordion, violin, a classic guitar made the ceremony much more romantic. They played during the whole ceremony and made people feel the ambience.

We also specially decorated the venue for the wedding dinner reception just next to the ceremony area. Wedding dinner reception venue was held at the wooden terrace with an amazing river view. The bridal table is prepared with fresh flowers and special wedding accessories. Special glass vases are set on the table and candles were placed in it. Also for the guests, special tables were decorated with fresh flowers and wedding decoration accessories.

Venue for the wedding dinner reception was simply amazing with special decorations and fresh flowers on it. Also, the view when the sun was going down made the moment unforgettable.

The whole wedding is recorded with actual cameras and aerial shooting made with a drone. Wedding photos and videos of the wedding are just perfect when it combines with the magnificent wedding venues at Gloria Serenity Resort Hotel.

All the moments at the wedding recorded in the video and caught-up by wedding photographers to make the wedding remarkable.

Before the ceremony, the bride is prepared with bridal make-up and hairdressing at the room. This process also is also recorded for marriage story video which we make after the wedding for couples. When they watch wedding videos even after years, our aim is to make them feel like it was like yesterday.

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