Mica & Ross British Civil Marriage in Turkey Antalya

Mica & Ross British Civil Marriage in Turkey Antalya

British civil marriage in Turkey Antalya

Mica & Ross had their British Civil Marriage ceremony in Turkey Antalya with Wedding City Antalya privileges. Their wedding is held at the luxury wedding venue in Antalya with a magnificent sea view over the cliffs. Wedding venue is located at the Oldtown called Kaleiçi with a historical harbour.

Beach weddings in Turkey Antalya of the most beautiful city of the Mediterranean region, Antalya, is increasingly gaining popularity and becoming a new trend in the tourism business. Antalya, located on the cliffs of the Mediterranean, is known for its historical sites, ancient ports, mild climate and gentle sun. Wedding on the terrace overlooking the sea restaurant Club Arma is the dream of any bride. Share your dreams with us, and we will turn your wedding dreams into reality, will live out the most cherished desires. Do not make a final decision to organize your dream wedding in Antalya until you have read our wedding packages on our website.

Wedding video of Mica & Ross British Wedding Ceremony in Antalya

We made Mica & Ross wedding ceremony in Antalya with civil marriage & wedding dinner reception at the luxury outdoor wedding venue in Antalya with special wedding decoration. For the civil ceremony, We set up an Altar at the terrace for the civil marriage ceremony. It is decorated with special prepared flowers and wedding decorations. When the ceremony arrived, they both said '' YES '' to each other in front of the wedding witnesses and guests. After the ceremony, they made a sand ceremony which we call a symbol of the merging of 2 lives as colours did.

After the civil marriage ceremony, they've started to enjoy the wedding dinner reception. The place for the wedding dinner reception with special wedding decorations. The bridal table is prepared with fresh flowers and glass vases floating candles inside. All of the tables were decorated with fresh flowers and special wedding decorations. They enjoyed both dinner and entertainment.

Our professional DJ played International songs all night long and people enjoyed great fun. All of the guests and the wedding couple danced after dinner and they had an unforgettable night.

Our professional videographer recorded all the night of this beautiful wedding. We worked hard on the full video and we selected the most beautiful moments of the night and we made a special marriage story. When Mika & Ross watch the video after decade years, they will feel the same beautiful feeling.