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Luxury Sofreh Aghd And Wedding Ceremony In Antalya


Mrs. Gülseren and her team were amazing.

They did everything they could to make an unforgettable experience for us and did a great job on the decorations for our wedding and did everything I asked for.

Persian weddings are usually big and even for a destination wedding we had a lot of guests and there are so many things to handle and Wedding City Antalya tried their best to plan and manage my dream wedding perfectly.



Dear Pegah,

Me, my girls and my staff are very happy that could make come true your wedding dream. Raining in Antalya in the middle of the summer is rare…

Sudden rain with all its power exactly at wedding time on the wedding day spoiled joy neither yours nor your guests. Everybody was wet but continued to have fun and enjoy the wedding. Life taught me something new again…

Pegah who was preparing for several months considering all details, was celebrating together with her guests with great joy despite the rain and defied it.

If you want to be happy, you may reach it even if it is raining at your wedding and you are all wet. Dear Pegah and Lincoln, I admire your joy and patience. Sun rises after every rain.

Your wedding was really gorgeous. We just made a few touches and you made the night magnificent.

We wish you be healthy and happy all life long.

I am very happy to know such lovely people.

General Manager

Gulseren Ozdemir


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