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Civil marriage in Antalya Municipality

Wedding Planner Company in Antalya, Turkey

I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing the exceptional services of Wedding City Antalya

and I must say, my journey with them was nothing short of remarkable. From the moment I embarked on the process of preparing paperwork for my wedding, the team at Wedding City Antalya displayed an unparalleled level of dedication and professionalism. Under the capable leadership of Mrs. Gülseren ÖZDEMİR, the General Manager, their commitment to providing the best service was evident at every step.

One aspect that truly stood out was their meticulous attention to detail when it came to paperwork preparation and guidance. Not only did they take the task seriously, but they also showed an unwavering commitment to ensuring that every aspect of the documentation was accurate and flawless, down to the smallest spelling mistakes.

One of the aspects that truly sets Wedding City Antalya apart is their comprehensive approach to assisting couples. They provide assistance with everything, from paperwork to attestation, making what could have been a daunting process, seamless and stress-free. The inclusion of an English interpreter was a thoughtful touch, ensuring that language barriers didn't hinder the process. On the big day, the team's commitment to convenience and comfort was on full display.

The inclusion of transportation services, where they pick you up in a car, arrange for medical tests, and seamlessly guide you through the entire process, is a testament to their dedication. I was particularly impressed with the efficiency of their service. Not only did they manage to complete all the necessary tasks in the same day, but they also ensured that no compromises were made on the quality of the work. This is no small feat and speaks volumes about their organizational skills and commitment to customer satisfaction. And let's not forget the final touch - the marriage certificate.

Wedding City Antalya didn't just hand it over and call it a day. They went the extra mile by taking care of the "Apostille" process, ensuring that the certificate's authenticity is internationally recognized. This attention to detail truly highlights their dedication to providing a comprehensive and top-notch service.

In conclusion, my experience with Wedding City Antalya, under the guidance of Mrs. Gülseren ÖZDEMİR, was beyond amazing. Their meticulous approach, commitment to excellence, and comprehensive services make them a standout choice for anyone looking to have a smooth and hassle-free wedding experience in Antalya. If you're seeking convenience, professionalism, and a touch of elegance, look no further than Wedding City Antalya.

Umar Rashid


Hi dear Umar,

Thank you very, very much for this sincere friendly article. Your article touched me very much, I was very happy as I read it and I could not hold back my tears. I am very happy to make you so happy, I loved my job much more.

Thanks to my work, I have a close bond with my children whom I have married from all over the world. I follow them all from time to time on their social media. We have very special memories with all of them.

You are now one of my children in my life. Dear Umar, winning love is the most sacred thing. I think it's the only thing that can't be bought with money.

I just did my job. Winning your love is the greatest gift for me.

I will never forget you and Ammara. I will always read your beautiful article on our website and remember you with love.

If you come to Antalya on holiday, do not forget us, we will definitely meet. I would be very, very happy to see you again.

You may be far away from Antalya and you are in Canada but you will always be with us with this article on our site.

May life always laugh at you.

With my sincerest love.

General Manager

Gulseren Ozdemir