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Indian Weddings

Weddings in India differ according to a region, preferences of brides and grooms as well as religious.If you have not participated in Indian weddings before, get excited! Here, you can find a lot of Indian wedding traditions and rituals.

Wedding Invitations

It is a card of inviting your relatives and friends for your wedding ceremony.

Indian Baraat Ceremony in Antalya

Companies have a variety of different styles for wedding invitations such as dholi, sehnai wala, doli, kumbh (ghada), or pictures of baraat. You can also choose the color and letter style.


This ceremony is organized for a bride and a groom just a couple of days before the wedding ceremony. Mostly, it is called as “pithi”. Haldi is used for shining and healthy looking skins. Kesar, honey, haldi help skins looks amazing during the wedding ceremony. Haldi ceremony includes so much fun and as a benefit helps the skin.


Making a mehndi ceremony for the bride and groom before the wedding ceremony is one of the oldest Indian traditions. Indian mehndi ceremony is a fun ceremony organized for close friends and families of brides and grooms. Mehndi symbolizes the commitment of marriage and luck and love in between the couples and their family.

Indian Sangeet Ceremony in Antalya

Bride’s jewellery and makeup

Wedding is the one of the most important days of a girl. That’s why she should look gorgeous on her wedding day. You can follow the latest makeup trends. Red symbolizes fertility and wealth, thus brides uses red color in their weddings a lot. Nowadays, couples prefer to rent a decorated car with flowers to go to wedding venues. Flower decorations, jewellery selection, stone decorations are important to focus on during arranging wedding ceremonies.

Indian Wedding – Varmala

Varmala is also known as jaimala. It has a great importance in farewell. In this ceremony, brides and grooms honor each other by hanging flower garlands. Generally, garlands are made from fresh flowers but sometimes, couples may want artificial flowers as well. However, using natural ones can be better to make the ceremony environmental friendly. The size of flower garlands can vary according to the regions in India.

Indian Wedding – Mangalsutra

It is really important in Indian weddings. During the wedding ceremony, it is given by a bride to a groom.