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The marriage of Two Foreigners In Turkey

As a foreign nationality can marry a Turkish nationality, couples who have foreign nationalities (same or different nationality) can marry in Turkey. If a Turkish citizen marries a foreign nationality, the marriage should be held by the Turkish government.The article number 13 of 5718 International Private Law and Procedural Law “Marriage and General Conclusion” mentions that in order to marry in Turkey, both parties should have the “affidavit of eligibility to marry document”. This document is given by the governments of the original nationalities.

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Embassies can claim if a person is married or not so that they can give you the document. They can also give you the birth certificate which is needed to marry in Turkey as well.

Requested Documents

  • 4 copies of passport photos from each party
  • The document of marriage requisition form. If the person does not speak Turkish, this document should be translated and approved by a notary.

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  • A health report which claims that there is not any obligation of marriage.
  • Identity card or passport, a birth certificate.
  • Affidavit of eligibility to marry document

These documents should be apostil by the embassies.

In order to a marriage be approved in Turkey,the Turkish Civil Law should be followed. The parties should be adults and not a member of the same family and being single conditions are necessary to be married in Turkey.

Both parties should be healthy and they should not have any illness which may prevent a marriage.

If foreign same nationality couple wants to marry in Turkey, they have 2 choices. They can marry with their nationality embassy or with Turkish authorities. The aforementioned documents are also expected for these couples. Marriage Ceremony in AntalyaIf they will marry in front of the Turkish authorities, the Turkish Civil Law should be followed. If the couple does not speak Turkish, there should be a translator. Both parties should understand and accept what is told. They are given Formol B and Multi-language Marriage Certificates to declare their own governments. They should make this certificate to be valid in their own country with this document.

The Divorce of Foreigners Who Married In Turkey

There is no obligation that the divorce court has to be opened where the marriage held. A couple who married in Turkey can easily divorce in their home country or in another country. However, the reasons for marriage are under the obligation of General International Law.