Guide For Preparation Before Wedding

How to Avoid Stress In Pre-Wedding Preparation

You made your choice and have found your soul mate already. And what you shall to do now? Do you need some experienced wedding organizer? We, Wedding City Antalya as a company with great experience of wedding organization, offer to look into the “Wedding Preparations list” which we have made especially for brides. It can help you to avoid extra stress and save time before the wedding.

So, 6 months before the wedding…

Firstly inform your relatives about your decision and bring two families together.

Determine the engagement day and what you will wear this day.

If you have an intention to arrange the engagement before the wedding, so make some plan list for this day.

Now think carefully, what kind of wedding do you dream, how would you like it to look? Define the most important things in the wedding organization. What is the theme of your wedding? Maybe it will be some luxurious wedding with great dinner or wedding in the country style, it can be a freestyle wedding on the beach or elegant wedding in a wedding salon. How many guests do you want?

Decide the wedding budget and honeymoon's budget too. Consult to older members of your family regarding the financial sources for the wedding.

Choose a day for the wedding ceremony. Visit the marriage office and take consult about wedding procedure.

Begin to make guests list.

Choose the wedding place and wedding organizer. If you have some lovely place which you have been dreaming about, don’t waste your time and reserve it.

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4-6 months before the wedding day...

Take care about the residence. Begin to look through some options. Don’t miss the house that you wanted, think about it before. Make a list of necessary thing for your home and begin to buy them one by one.

It’s time to choose the wedding dress model. Visit the wedding dress shops to choose the wedding gown model and brand.
If you prefer a custom made the gown, think about that hard ahead, make the order 6 month before the wedding.

Decide the Hooneymoon’s place.

Choose the wedding invitations’ model.

2-4 months before the wedding…

Make an order for invitations.
2 months before the wedding begins wedding dress fitting. Choose a wedding photographer and make an appointment with him. I have the intention to make wedding photo shoot before or after the wedding day, talk it all over with your photographer.

Choose the hairdresser who you can rely on.

Begin to choose the wedding cake model.
Finish all official deals.

One or two months the before the wedding…
Make the order for the wedding menu and cake.

Discuss the final version of the wedding program with your organizer.

Choose the music, musicians, and music for the first dance of bride and groom.

Choose wedding shoes.
Make an order for the wedding bouquet.
Buy underwear and accessories for hair.

Determine the bachelorette party’s place.

Send the invitations.

The invitations should be received a month before the wedding.
If you need dance lessons for the bride and groom dance, it’s a very suitable time.

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2 weeks before the wedding...

Identify all places for guests.

Don’t forget to test the final version of the wedding menu.

Finish the preparation of your new home.

Take an appointment in a cosmetic salon.

1 week before the wedding...

Ask your hairdresser and visagiste to make a test hairstyle and make up.

Fit the wedding dress for the last time.

Try on your wedding dress and wedding accessories.

Specify the net number of guests.

Inform your wedding organizer about the number of guests.

Spend one day in a cosmetic salon and massage room.

Get your bag ready for the Honeymoon.

Talk about all wedding details with your organizer for last time.

It’s a suitable time for the wedding shoot.

One day before the wedding…

Spend a great day with your relatives and friends.

Spend a calm day with your groom.

Try on the wedding shoes and walk in them sufficient period of time.
Clarify the appointment time for your hairdresser.

Take a warm bath. And go to bed earlier.

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The Wedding Day...

Wake up earlier. Have a good breakfast, you will need a lot of energy today. It’s time to go to the hairdresser to makeup, manicure, pedicure. Get in touch with wedding witnesses, find out when they come. Wear the dress of your dream. Make final preparations.
It’s your day, enjoy!

Some Advice

The wedding day should be the happiest day of newlyweds’ life; it’s symbolized their unity and beginning of a new life. But sometimes the wedding preparations bring so many troubles and problems that young couple can’t avoid the stress. Every couple dreams about a perfect wedding. Below we reproduce some advice which can help you to avoid unnecessary stress.

1- Be Consistent In The Theme Of Your Wedding

One of the most important paragraphs in wedding planning is determining the subject and conception of the wedding. Share your view of your wedding with your partner, tell about your vision. Do you want the wedding in a luxurious hotel or country style wedding; maybe it can be freestyle wedding on a beach or on a yacht? This approach makes the pre-wedding preparations easier. For example, if your wedding scheduled for summer, you can invite musicians to the wedding place and so it will be the wedding with live music on nature or yacht. All you guest appreciate it and will have fun.

2- Clarify Wedding Place!

2 months before the wedding you should exactly know the wedding place. The less time left until the wedding the more stress it can be caused. In the choosing, the wedding place, make your attention to the wedding budget, wedding theme and a number of guests. The earlier you clarify the wedding place the easier the wedding preparations will be. Even the wedding invitations depend on the wedding place.

3- Take All Decisions Together!

Marriage is sharing your life with somebody you love and care. The pre-wedding period is a very suitable time to begin to live this shared life in all meaning of the word, by sharing all problems and interests and taking all decisions together. It can seem that to share your wedding plans with your friends is more exciting and interesting but don’t forget it’s not their wedding, it’s yours and your partner’s wedding. Because of it his opinion and his vision are more important.

4- Keep Your Secrets With You!

Our pursuit to share every dream and every plan with our friends and colleagues are normal. But don’t be so naive, there is always someone who feels jealous of your success. Because of it not worth telling everybody your private life’s details.

5- Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill!

Running after “ideal wedding” and trying to make perfect wedding can have an opposite impact to your wedding and spoil everything. Try to stay imperturbable and calm. To search the defects in wedding decorations to find fault with things’ places are an empty occupation which takes a lot of power and energy. It’s your day! Don’t waste it by unpleasant occupations. Everybody wants to see the happy, glad and beautiful bride, who is in center of the wedding entertainments.

6- Don’t Go Beyond The Wedding Budget!

All the wedding preparations and the wedding quality depend on the wedding budget. There always will be temptations to go beyond the wedding budget. But the stricter you will stick to the wedding budget the more successful and organize your wedding will be. As a result, you will spend less stressed time and go in a new life without unnecessary debts and credits.

7- Make The Division Of Responsibilities!

Take attention to the division of responsibilities among your helpers in wedding organizations. It will help you to perform the wedding ceremony in harmony and in good order. It can impact on your mood and comfort in the wedding day.

8- Enjoy!

The wedding day is your day. It should become one of the best days of your life. Nothing and nobody has rights to spoil this day for you. Enjoy the closeness of your groom, entertainments and share your happiness with your friends. And you will see how everybody charges from your energy.

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9- Don’t lose your temper!

The wedding organization is very complicated work, it depends on many things. And something can go wrong and it’s normal. We can’t control everything, there is a lot of things which out of our control. If something goes wrong don’t lose your temper, don’t let the things control you. Don’t see some things, don’t hear some words. You will be able to make this day the happiest day of your life only if you will throw some troubles away.

10- Don't Leave Everything For The Last Moment!

Every wedding preparation should be over before the wedding day. Leave nothing for the last moment. Because something can go wrong at the last moment.

11- Clarify the appointment at the hairdresser!

In order the bride to be like a shining star on her wedding, she needs a gorgeous hairstyle. Therefore, establish the exact time of your appointment at the hairdresser. The early booking can help you avoid unpleasant surprises and stresses.

12- Relax!

If you want to spend a good time, so take care of your state of mind. If you will be stressed and irritated, the problems will get more and more. Your stress will impact your friends and relatives, and you definitely don’t want it. Therefore relax and enjoy! Don’t forget, it’s your day!

13- Take Help Of Professional Psychologists!

Often the couple can’t stand the wedding pressure and stress and as a result, goes in a new life with mutual insults and quarrels. To avoid this situation you need the help of professional family psychologists. They can help you to make your unity stronger and your relationships more successful. Especially, if you have some questions according to family life.

14- Surround yourself with like-mind people!

The wedding planning is a very responsible and exhausting process. Sometimes all these problems come together and make the person feel like the rug could be pulled out from under him. That’s the moment when we need somebody’s help and support more. You need like-mind people around you, who will take all the problems on themselves in case you are not able.

15- Make Decisions With A Cool Head!

No matter how hard you try to foresee everything in your wedding preparations, but anyway something can go wrong and be out of order, suck it up. There are a huge number of thing that we can’t control, as like weather, or something can happen to the wedding cake or to the wedding dress, someone can get ill or other hardships. The cold head safe us in situations like this. Take care of yourself.